Do You Deserve Success?

Standing in the way of every great dream, each new idea, a desire to excel and the will to achieve is a nagging doubt, an uncertainty, a question you should ask yourself, do you deserve to succeed?  Knowing what you want and how to get it are factors in your ability to take hold of your career and forge a plan towards achieving any goal. Looking beneath the surface of where you are in your life now, if you are happy and if you are not, why you may be unable to change could provide the hidden key towards unlocking the door towards your success.

In any endeavor you choose in life there are risks and there are rewards.  Knowing whether you are going to succeed or fail does not have to be a crap shoot if you choose wisely and plan sufficiently.  It’s when you undermine, sabotage or simply unknowingly divert any opportunity to succeed where you need to examine what it is that may be holding you back.  Asking yourself whether you deserve success is your first step to removing any obstacles in you have placed in your way.  The next step is outlining the reasons why you deserve to be successful no matter what your career choice or occupation. Understanding your attitudes towards success and why you feel you deserve it , will help you identify any obstacles you may have placed in your way that you will need to remove in order for you to move ahead.

Discovering the ways you measure your own success will help you determine whether you are placing any barriers in achieving all that you want and denying yourself all that you can be.  Determine whether you have any fears or judgements around money, position, title, or any pre-conceived effect success will have in your life once you achieve it.  If you doubt your abilities, or think “No way, I’ll never make that kind of money,” or, “I’ve always been a coordinator who am I to want something more,” then you need to ask yourself why you feel you do not deserve the very best?

Striving for greatness and personal accomplishment will not alienate you from the pack or make you a better person than someone else or transform you into a self-centered individual.  Harnessing your greatness will make you better at who you are meant to be and fulfill your ambitions at the highest level. Look to those in your life who are successful and imagine what your life would be like if you give yourself the same opportunity. What would it be like if you had no judgements around success, how would you behave, what would you do differently and how would it improve your current work situation? Understanding that deserving success is the crucial component in becoming successful is all you need to know in order to achieve what you set out to accomplish.

If you feel like you have issues around what it’s like to be successful, hold any doubts, judgements, reservations or fear, spend some time studying what inhibitions you harbor that may be holding you back from truly shining. The only reason you are not where you are in your career, your personal life or any area of your life that you feel is lacking may be due in part to a feeling that you don’t really deserve or can’t comprehend how to deserve the feelings that are associated with truly successful people. In order to be successful, you have to feel that you above all deserve the raise, the promotion, the new career, the perks associated with a better position all that you can imagine. The first step in achieving your dreams is not just believing they will materialize, but knowing you are special and deserve the greatness that resides within you.  So next time you hold any doubt around your ability to succeed, ask yourself one simple question, “Who am I not to succeed?”

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