Enough Already… We’ve Heard It All Before!

Worst economy since the depression, save your money (preferably under a mattress like grandma did), don’t quit your job if you have one, don’t go out to eat, save, save, save, run, run, run, hide, hide, hide-are you afraid yet?
Not to minimize that we are in a recession but so what? Has no one heard of the ebb and flow of life? Times are good, times are bad but time is ALWAYS a-changin’ – this you can bank on. Maybe it’s the only thing you SHOULD bank on. I know we all need to be mindful of our individual circumstances, but when does it start to turn from conscious responsibility to sheer paranoia.
Unemployment nationwide hits 7% but that leaves 93% of the population still working-why do we not focus on that. Maybe we actually should feel sorry for the 93%? For all of the purported “balanced news” channels out there reporting on how bad the economy is and the global “lack,” no one seems to ever take a positive spin and discuss how those 93% of the population are spending money, working and surviving in this mess-why? Maybe it’s just more fun or newsworthy to report on the gloom and doom of our economy instead of learn from and feel inspired by those who are actually working and doing something with their lives? Are they afraid? Are they paranoid? Are they hiding?
I’m here to tell you that as long as you have a brain, can think, create, reason and rationalize you will join the 93% of those gainfully employed, if you are not one of them already, and of course if you want to. Whatever you do please don’t fall victim to the negative stigma created by the perception of this recession, and the inevitable demise of our economy as we herald in a new year.
Companies are still hiring-they have to. People are still working-some have to, others like to. People are definitely spending, ’cause they want to. I don’t see throngs of people on the proverbial “beach” just soaking in the sun and tossing their cares into the waves. We are a nation that thrives on the best, the brightest and what makes us the most money. To me, that translates into untold opportunities and countless possibilities. If you are reading this, I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to be a little skeptical, we always need to be on some level, but to stay at home and hunker down and hide, that’s just stupid.
Let’s all help each other, one job offer, one martini, one good movie and one funny joke at a time.

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