Down, Down, Down We Go!

Or so they say!  Today the market dropped another 300 points, the lowest since 1993 we are told. So does this herald, doom and disaster?  For some yes, for others not yet, and for the hopefully optimistic, not even close.  So what do we do??? 

My 401K investments dropped another $20K in one month.  Just when I think the prudent thing to do is to pull out my remaining funds, (Suze Orman would kill me), and put it under my mattress like grandma did, I stop, think about it and realize, I still have over 20 years to retirement, what’s my hurry?  Unless of course, I think that we will continue to go down, down, down?  Well maybe in the next 6-12 months, but we will go up, up, up -of that I’m sure!

When we need to focus our attention on the future, it is hard to get past the present when we are propelled in a downward spiral towards whatever the newest “low” is for the day.  They don’t call it the DOW-N for nothing.   I understand the fear, I’m feeling it like the rest of you, but when all else fails (and that’s a lot these days), I think the prudent thing to do is not run, but walk, slowly towards the future.  It’s inevitable that things will change for the better.  The only mystery is when.  It took us awhile to get here, it will take us awhile to get back.  The good news, if you are paying attention, is that we know the way back.  We’ve been this way before and I’m sure, at least in my lifetime, we’ll be back this way again.

Fear is inevitable.  I can’t say I blame you.  It’s not easy to stay “up” when they say “down”.  But it is your choice. My choice is to look up, from where I stand down below, and know the way up is not as hard or impossible as it might appear.

Look up, always the view is infinitely better.

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