New President, New Change, New Chance, New Jobs…..

It’s the year of the Earth Ox as the Chinese New Year begins.  According to the calendar, the Earth Ox represents prosperity and opportunity through hard work and focus.  I like the sound of that, considering all that we are going through these days and the chance to make a difference through work.

Abundance is the name of the game. I know, many are being laid off by the droves, but think of the opportunity and the prosperity that awaits us.  The digital media and entertainment space is alive and well.  The box office figures still break the $100 million mark as new releases hit the theaters.  People are still out shopping for good deals and refinancing and saving money where they can.  Everyone is thinking smart for a change and it’s a good time for us to consider what our next career move or where our next job opportunity will appear.
It’s a busy time for many and it’s also an opportune time to reflect on the future and what change you want to happen for the New Year.  The Earth Ox symbolism is an appropriate one as it makes us think about what we want and how with focus dedication through hard work and an enterprising nature, we can succeed no matter what the goal.
I realize that many of you reading this may be worrying about recent layoffs in the major studios and production companies in the past few weeks.  I want to say that I’ve lived and worked in this business for over 20 years and this is typical and standard business practices no matter how painful the process is for some.  One company may “right size” as another is in ramp up and start up mode.  This means more jobs, more chances to play and better change for you to consider. This is a business where one door closes another opens and it usually opens to new and better opportunities.  This is a growing and expanding industry full of ripe prospects at every turn.  You just have to be a little like the Earth Ox, slow, steady, deliberate and ready to invest in your future through hard work and persistence.  Are you ready to embrace change?

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