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Finding a job is hard enough when the economy is booming let alone when the job market resembles a pit bull fight.  Having the where-with-all to stick it out is a challenge enough to make a grown man, or your pit bull cry.  The fears you face whether you are currently employed or desperately seeking a new position, need to be embraced and you need to boldly stare down your enemy for who and what it is. Identifying and coping with your job fear factors are a way for you to kick fear in the teeth before it takes a bite out of your ambition and your self-confidence.

We all have our thresholds of enduring levels of pain. Whether you are able to stand a trip to the dentist or endure the long lines as you stand in the checkout, we all have our breaking points.  Knowing your threshold of pain and what you are willing to endure when it comes to your job search is an important aspect of finding and sticking to the task.  Some people LOVE the chase.  Interviewing, networking, meeting new people and holding onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, the next one will be the right one and they can stop looking-even if for a little while.  And then there are some no matter how good or bad things are, will always feel the pain of the process and tough it out no matter how hard things become.  Choosing to “fight or flight” in your job search will separate the weak from the strong.

Your job search is an endurance test.  It not only helps you build the resolve you need to fight for what you want but it helps you build good survival skills that will be necessary once you do get the job you want. Knowing which of these skills you can turn into assets will help you better define and determine your fear factor quota. Let’s break it down simply.  You’ve heard the expression, “motivated by fear.”  Well no other place is that more evident than when someone has lost a job, can’t pay the bills or is desperate to survive. Your motivation by fear of job loss or not finding a job can be used to actually BENEFIT you in helping you move forward and past whatever it is that is holding you back.

Defining your job fears by simply listing out what truly holds a grip on you will help you to move past your fears and will help motivate you into action.  If your fears stem from not feeling worthy of a good paying job, a title or a promotion, or maybe you lack confidence that you can succeed or maybe you are afraid to succeed, identifying what holds you back will help you move onto the next phase in your job search-recovery. Being able to boldly look fear in the eye and allow it to actually motivate you will truly help you step into the light and away from whatever it is that is not allowing you to succeed.

Knowing how to identify, release, recover and move on from your job search fears will help you to realize that the only thing standing in the way of your next, best job is you.

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