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When we launched GLJ in 2001 we had a unique idea that what was needed in the world of online recruitment was a way to bypass the tens of thousands of resume submissions per posting and to find a unique way to “match” a candidate’s skill set with what the recruiter was actually looking for in a candidate. It was a novel idea, one trust me NO ONE was thinking of, and certainly no where did you see an example of how unique a concept it was.  Well fast forward, 2009 and GLJ, with it’s unique candidate to recruiter matching proposition, is once again reinventing itself.  You see in this market, and really in any market, no matter what your business, you constantly need to reinvigorate, reinvent and take advantage of the change that consumes us all.

It’s not like you need to do anything illegal or even mind shattering to be re-inventive, it just has to be 1) original, 2) resourceful and,  3) needed and can actually help an individual or a situation.  I’ve always approached any job no matter what the task with the notion, that if I can offer something to the equation where I can actually “help” then I was contributing something of real value.  How I value my services depended solely on the value I chose to place on my services and how much my client really needed my help.

It’s no different now.  No matter what you have to offer, you need to know and understand both the value you place on yourself and the value you want to present to your prospective employer.  It’s up to you to set the standard and your worth in this marketplace and not look for your future employer to help you out with that. 

At GLJ we are doing the same thing-we are re-establishing our worth and this time, we are gearing our efforts towards the job seeker and this time, from a different vantage point.  With all of the job boards, search engines, networking groups, etc boasting jobs, opportunities and the like, no one is really focusing on you, the job seeker and what you really need and want.  I’ve been asked millions of times for help with resume templates, ideas on how to write a resume, a bio and pull together a creative portfolio of work.  I know it’s hard to decipher the valuable from the fluff, but one thing my 20 plus years in recruitment, human resources and management have taught me is always be up front, treat the job seeker and prospective employee with respect and courtesy and never think because you are sitting behind the desk you hold the power and ability to determine the lives of others.  So, with all our collective experience, we are advising, providing guidance and doing what we do best, helping others.  We are giving back.  As we introduce new services through our Career Service Center, we are targeting what you, the job seeker and in some cases, the curious recruiter are looking to address, and we are giving out free career advise, career guidance, job networking assistance, and any burning question you have that is effecting your work life and your ability or inability to get the job life you seek.  

With the world of work forever changing, we figure we can reinvent how we do business to address the needs of our most important clients, you, and help in anyway we can to bring you that much closer to your dream job and the best ride of your life!

You can reach out to us anytime at and we promise to respond promptly to your inquiries. 

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