Do You Have True Grit?

Wondering what it would take to succeed in a time when so much is riding on your ability to survive? Nothing can stand in your way of getting what you want from your career than a little determination, a strong will and well, a mission to succeed at all costs. Finding your passion and sticking to it, no matter the odds, channels the way and allows a line of sight to appear out of a cloudy career path. Knowing that you will do what it takes to see it through to achieve your goal, whatever that may be, is the fighter instinct you need to develop in order to realize true success.  Do you have true grit to see it through and find the job you were meant to do?

When it comes to being self-motivated about your career pursuits, how well do you know yourself? Do you have the determination to follow through even though the odds are against you?  Here are some ways you can determine the amount of true grit you possess to make sure you know yourself as well as you think.

1- At what price would you pay to get the job you want?

2- How would you rate your career conviction on a scale of 1 to 10?

3- What steps would you take to create the support system you need to accomplish your mission?

4-What motivates you? Is it money, the work or acknowledgement?

5-What lengths would you go to self-motivate to get your career moving in the right direction?

6-What would success feel like for you?

7-Would you be ready to give up if you were faced with challenges and obstacles?

8-What would make you turn back if you thought you would not succeed in your job quest?

9-How badly do you want what it is you want?

10-Are you willing to put your pride aside to take a job?

Finding what makes you tick when all else fails is not easy. You’ve got to be willing to deep dive to uncover what may be standing in your way in finding the job of your dreams.  Having a desire and a will strong enough to withstand the challenges that may come across your path in reaching your goals is an important attribute in self-awareness and preservation.  Having the guts to look at yourself in the light of the day when your career is circling the drain and know that you may or may not have played a part in its demise is the first step to owning your true grit .  Knowing how to move out of your way and face the fun when it comes to maneuvering through your career maze is all part of the process. Showing grit when you face obstacles in your career separates the boys from the men, the girls from the ladies and the employed from the unemployed.

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