Are You Living Your Best Career?

I’ve had the opportunity to do some work for The Oprah Winfrey Network recently and have been inspired by their motto of “living your best life.”  It occurred to me that so much of living your best life has to do with the choices you make around your career. Living your best career not merely implies if you are lucky enough to have a job or not, but it does make you think about how you choose to spend your time in what you love vs what you do.  Making a living is vital to most all of us.  But how we manage our time and focus our attention on what we have to do as opposed to what we love to do separates you from living your best career from just working.

Sometimes you find yourself in situations where the choices are limited and you have to do what you have to do to survive.  That is not an indictment or judgement against who you are as a person or if you are choosing to live up to your full potential. But finding something you love in what you do, even if it’s not your primary choice, helps to guide you towards living a meaningful and fulfilling career no matter what your job title is. How you find your drive, passion, potential no matter what your job is today is key to living and finding your best career.

Here are just a few things that you need to consider and ask yourself if you feel you are truly living your best career:

1-Do you find satisfaction and a curiosity in what you do?

2-Are you excited about going to work and  do you feel the adrenaline rush when you are working at something you love?

3-Do you feel your work has greater ability to touch more lives than just your own?

4-How would you define what your work means to you now and in the future?

5-Do you feel self-motivated and grateful that you are living your best career or are you looking for a change?

Making the most of a job and truly embracing your career places you in a very different mindset about how you approach your life’s work. Finding the courage to change what is not working in your career, and taking a chance on something you love especially if you feel you are not living your best career will separate you from the herd and place you in the group of achievers who are masters at what they do. Your ability to be self-aware and embrace what’s possible helps you to know whether you are living your best career or if your career is living you.

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