A New Year’s Prayer to St. Job

Dear St. Job:

It’s me again, the one who has to pay rent, gas & food bills.

Not sure if you’ve heard, but the job search down here is still a mess.

I pray to help me through this and find me a job, working with good people, making a decent living enough to pay my bills and take care of my family.

I pray for some kind of miracle because I have not gotten one phone call, one email, one meeting and the prospects of me looking for a job are pretty slim.

I pray that you can find me a job where my dignity remains in tact, something that will put my college degree to good use, even though I don’t mind sweeping floors.

I pray that I can find a job that is close to home so that my commute is not too long and I don’t waste all of my time stuck in traffic.

I pray that I work for a boss who appreciates me and who offers me praise and encouragement and where opportunities for promotion are in my future.

I pray for a job where I work with smart people, where we have a good working relationship and that I enjoy contributing as part of a team.

I pray that I have an office with a nice view, an assistant who can bring me coffee and a staff that looks up to me and respects me for being a great boss.

I pray that I can play golf with the owner of the company, get invited to business dinners, go on company-paid trips and sponsored events.

I pray that I get to fly in the company jet, rub elbows with rich and famous people, and have a fat, juicy expense account.

I pray that I am granted huge stock options, enormous bonuses, company perks and be listed on the Forbes Top 100 Richest under the age of 40.

I pray that I marry into the family business, am worshipped and cherished and that I am the beneficiary of my future father-in-laws company leaving me in charge when he dies and inherit billions of dollars, have homes all over the world and I am acknowledged as a world-class leader and humanitarian.

I pray that I receive the Noble Peace Prize and that streets and roads in major cities are named after me….

I pray that I am made President of the United States and…..

Ok, so if you can find it in your good graces to grant me just one wish, then maybe I’ll forsake this job search thing for a winning lottery ticket and a trip to Tahiti.

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