When in doubt, change it up….

Making the most of a bad situation these days takes a lot more than prayer, a glass of champagne, and getting lost in your iPad.  If you’ve been lost looking for a ray of hope in the otherwise cloudy skies of the job market, just look up and if that doesn’t help and you are still in some serious doubt, then change it up.

There is no right time than the present to change the direction your job life is taking. Whether you are in a rut at work, exhausted from all of the endless interviews, networking and introductions or, you are still trying to find yourself, making a change or changing the make is a way to find your way out.  Knowing when you need a change is probably the hardest part.  You may sometimes get so use to your surroundings whether good or bad that the comfort zone kicks in and you probabaly figure, “Well, if I lasted it out this long, it’s probably as good as it is going to get.” Wrong.

When complacency becomes the alternative and you’d rather sit it out then change it up, that’s the time to kick yourself into high gear whatever the cost and make a change.  Waiting for the right moment, or for your confidence to rise or for someone to change it for you are all excuses that will not see you move from point A to point B.  In life, you make the “right moment” happen.  Your confidence will rise the minute you move into action and stop worrying about the alternative.  Waiting for someone to take your hand works when you are too young to cross the street but now, it’s up to you to know when it’s time to cross and you don’t need anyone’s permission to do it.

When you are in doubt about your career, changing even the slightest approach shifts your point of view and offers you a perspective you may not have previously considered.  Whether you are in doubt about changing your job, or what you want to do when you graduate or if you’ve been contemplating a career change, taking a bold step forward helps you in ways you can’t even imagine.  It’s when you stay idle in thought and action and are “comfortable” with your discord where you cover the road ahead with unnecessary obstacles which impede your progress towards success.

Knowing how to change it up even when you are not sure what the change might be helps flex your muscle and rids yourself of self-imposed fear and doubt.  Making a change no matter how slight, offers you one step towards reaching your career goal.  Whether you ask for a change of office, rearrange your desk, take a different route to school or work or make a decision to start your own business, any change no matter how varied has a way of uplifting your confidence and offers a whole new point of view on your current situation.

So next time you are in doubt, not knowing what to do with your career whether you are looking for one or not, make a change and remember you don’t have to settle for less even if the alternative is not in plain sight yet.

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