Did you choose your job or did it choose you?

If you’ve ever studied a course in spirituality you may have heard of a concept where before you decide to enter this earthly plane you actually had a choice on the selection of your parents.  Now whether you think that is an interesting concept, true or not, it certainly makes you think about the power we supposedly hold over our very existence. I thought about this in my own case and wondered what it was I would have gained by choosing the parents I did.  If this concept were true, then I believe I would have chosen my mother for her sense of humor, sensitivity, intelligence, creativity and my father for his loyalty, survival instincts and tremendous work ethic.  If you consider this for a moment and applied this concept to your career, would you be able to decide whether you chose your job or if your job chose you?

If you believe that you deliberately set out and chose your job, then what were the attributes you considered when you made your choice?  Was your choice based on how much money you could make or what title or position you would hold?  Or was it based on location, or your desire to pursue your creativity. If you think you may have just fallen into your job by chance, then what was the turning point for you?  If you believe that you do have control over your life and specifically your career, then you need to think what you may have done to attract the career you have.  Whether you have a job or not, or are looking for a change, think about how you got here, what you might have done, thought, or what actions you took to find yourself in the job you have or the job search you are looking to undertake.

If you really don’t know how on earth you got where you are, then maybe your job did actually “choose” you. Sometimes you sort of fall into a job either out of desperation, or because you followed a family member or, because it was the only thing someone offered you after you graduated from school.  If you find yourself in a job that never suited you, it’s possible you could be in a situation where your job actually did choose you. That’s not always a bad thing.  When I was in school, I always believed I would have a career in journalism and become a photojournalist. Instead I was hired into the human resources department of a major television network while still in school and 20 years later, I built a successful career in a field at the time, I honestly knew nothing about.  I’d say I’m one of the ones where my career did actually find me.

If you are in a position you love, whether you know how you got there or not, this is the time to think about where you want to go from here.  If you chose your job because you had to and not because you wanted to, then this is also a good time to reflect on what you can do to change and redirect your career towards the job you truly want.

Whether you believe you chose your parents on this trip or not it’s not a choice you can likely change. Unlike choosing your parents, you actually can change your job if you didn’t pick right the first time.  And, even if your job picked you, it’s ok to say no if it’s not working and move onto something that truly inspires you.

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