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You may have heard the phrase,”Greed is Good” as uttered by the money-broker tycoon in the 1987 hit movie “Wall Street”.   It was a phrase often used to chastise those who cherished materialism over core values. Hey, it was the ’80’s, there was a recession and the world was at war and wait, does this sound vaguely familiar?  Well, it very well may be like the ’80’s when you think of our current economy, but one thing is for certain when it comes to looking for a job and pulling out all the stops, let me just say one thing, “Greed is Good.”

This is no time to stand on good intentions. It’s not enough to post your resume and pray for an answer. You need to kick into action at all costs if you want a job, a good job and to pay your way to to the top of your game.  What is different now than in the ’80’s is well, a lot.  First, there are more options for you to choose from when it comes to your career.  Online technology, E-commerce, new media, digital, green jobs and the like were not around in the ’80’s.  This surge in our economy over the past 30 years has opened the door to tens of thousands of job opportunities in comparison. Now is the time to get motivated and greedy enough to get out there and to start working it.

Being greedy does not necessarily have to conjure up notions of lying, stealing and betrayal to get ahead. Greed should however get you motivated enough and make you assertive to try things even if they fall out of your comfort zone.  Greed is about really desiring and wanting a job, money, opportunity to move ahead more than anything else. Greed is your “Mo-Jo” and provides the impetus to get in gear to steer your career on the right course of action. Thinking about what you want from your career whether it’s money, the corner office, a new car, prestige, a promotion, etc, are at the very core to help motivate you towards your  goal. If you are not “greedy” enough, if you don’t want something badly enough, then guess what, you are probably not going to get the job you truly want.

Finding the path to least resistance is not getting in your own way when it comes to getting what you want. Stop putting obstacles in the way of your success.  The truly greedy have a way to penetrate the most stubborn of barriers. Going on countless interviews, posting your resume and waiting for a response or applying for jobs on Craigslist are not going to feed your greediness. Focusing on your desires as selfish as that may seem, will likely move you towards your goals whether you like it or not.

How do you define greed in relation to your job search?

1- Not settling for anything less than you deserve;

2- Knowing what you want and not being afraid to go after it;

3-Not feeling guilty about your accomplishments, a promotion or the amount of money you make;

4-Not being afraid to leverage your contacts and promote the fact you need their help to get a job;

5-Having and maintaining your strong desire and focusing on the job you want even if your best friend has it.

I’m not suggesting you throw your friend or colleague under the bus the next time a job opportunity arises that you both want.  I am suggesting however that you be the best at who and what you are, leverage who and what you know and want and make sure you wear pointed shoes as you climb the ladder of success! Greed is just one way that acts as your barometer in defining what you really want and knowing how to get it when it comes to making your next career move.

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