What Floats Your Job Boat?

If you feel like your job search is a matter of either sink or swim, you might want to consider what you are doing to help stay afloat.  In the worst job market since the Great Depression (yes, my grandmother was right in predicting its return), you might be thinking  you need something a bit bigger than a life jacket.  You might actually require a full-size life boat to navigate these turbulent times.  Next time you are in a conundrum over your career path, spend some time pondering the question, What floats your job boat?

If your career journey feels more like a search and rescue mission, you may need to do what it takes to salvage what remains of your dignity, honor and self-respect. Like the movie entitled, “Hope Floats” your job search efforts should lift you not drown you in worry and dismay. Focusing on what motivates you can be challenging when you constantly focus on rejection, disappointment and frustration.  It’s not like you didn’t set yourself up for a difficult journey. But, there are times you imagine the way to be a little less challenging and a bit more smooth sailing.

What you have to remember is to keep your line of sight focused on your next opportunity.  Finding the inspiration and the joy and acting “as if” you’ve already realized it is a good way feel the success you are seeking. Acting “as if” will not only inspire you towards your goals, but will help you float more easily towards your next opportunity without feeling like you are struggling against the tides.  Having a strong and positive vision of your job goals, your career pursuits and your financial ambitions is enough to lift you “Up” and make you fly to the heights of success.

Here’s a simple exercise I do whenever I begin to feel overwhelmed, lost or even a bit troubled by the unknown.  I play pretend and I’m becoming really good at it. I often envision what it truly feels like to achieve my goals and really sit with that feeling.  So if I’m looking for a big new client or I’m looking for a financial windfall or an exciting project I’m eager to take on, then I pretend that I’ve just signed on the new client, just deposited the check into my account, or was just told the project has been extended, etc.  I sit with the feeling and know that it is truly possible to get what you want if you desire it strong enough.

When I believe in myself and focus on what I want, the possibilities are endless.  I feel the abundance of the opportunities that are available and I know they are coming.  I truly have learned to float my own boat. When you try this, you should immediately feel the sense of peace, trust and knowing that all is well and that you are truly taken care of.  If you don’t feel that way, then chances are you are not truly believing in the process, still consumed with worry or doubt and or are not ready to release the fear.

When you learn to float your own boat you truly become the master of your own ship.  Your job search, career choices, financial situations and the benefits you derive from true focus and control lifts your sails in a whole new direction.  When the fates align, the storm clouds lift and the night skies turn bright red with the coming of a new day, it’s not hard to turn the sails of your own success. Learn to float your own boat and see what new destinations you are likely to discover.

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