Falling In Love With Your Job…..

Valentine’s Day may be be a time to celebrate love, life and the one your with but for some, it’s a time to celebrate all the loves in your life including your job.  It might not seem appropriate to send your boss a Valentine’s card telling him/her how much you love to work at the company, but honoring and celebrating what made you fall in love in with your job in the first place is not a bad way to  celebrate the day.

Your job, like any relationship has its ups and downs.  You may not like the way it looks one day or you are easily tired of the same old, same old year after year.  You may think, “Did I settle?” or, “Maybe I could have done better?” only to once again look lovingly at your paycheck to know, it could be worse or, maybe the grass isn’t as green as I imagined?  Doubts about your job may creep in as they do with any long lasting relationship.  That does not mean it’s time to ditch and run.  You may want to look at the things that attracted you in the first place and rekindle the fire, passion and love you once felt when you drove into the parking lot each morning and longingly walked the hall towards yet another meeting.

Finding and keeping what makes you passionate about your job is not always easy.  There are times when you may have had bad encounters with your boss or co-worker, or you feel unappreciated for your hard work or believe you have been passed over yet again for another more attractive co-worker-“the new flavor of the month.”  Turning a blinds eye to what makes you feel insecure and unloved is one way to tackle your passion or you can engage in activities that ignite the flame you once felt no matter how thick the smoke has become.

  1. Love’s Labor Lost: It may be time to think about the wonderful moments you’ve shared with your job since accepting your first date and make the most out of what you love to do each day.  You don’t have to pretend to like what you don’t but remembering all the reasons why you said “yes” to begin with might start the process of healing your broken heart and make you fall in love with your job all over again.
  2. To Thine Own Self Be True:  Loving yourself more than loving your job is your first step to honoring who you are and what you love. Taking care of yourself, buying yourself flowers each week, treating yourself to a lunch at a nice restaurant once a month or taking needed breaks during the day will help you energize and feel invigorated again.
  3. “Happy Valentine’s Day Every Day’s the 14th”  In the words of “Outkast” feeling like every day is Valentine’s Day makes you believe that you can turn a bad situation into a good one no matter how difficult your current work situation has become.  Remembering that every relationship has it’s breaking point, knowing what’s good in your relationship now and focusing on that will help you get over any doubts you have about breaking up or moving onto something else that you think might be better for you.
  4. How Deep Is Your Love?  Evaluating your trust, respect and admiration for your job and the work that you put into the relationship will make the love grow deeper. Understanding that you have made a commitment to the job at hand and that you need to see it through will help you push through no matter how hard the relationship has been for you to manage. Realizing how much you love what you do will help you.
  5. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do  And when all else fails there is the inevitable feeling that you might have put more into the relationship than it’s worth.  Only you know when you’ve given it all you’ve got and it’s time to turn around.  When you know you’ve tried to make it work no matter what the obstacles, it makes the decision easier if you do decide you have to end the relationship at some point.

Falling in love with your job is no different than falling in love with a person, you go through the same flurry of emotions, you have the same push/pull you do with any other relationship and you are always ready and willing to give it just one more try for the sake of all that you hold dear.  This year, instead of binging on chocolates find something in your job to celebrate and remember the butterflies you once felt when you first said, “I do.”

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