Career Uncertainty…

Everyone feels uncertain from time to time. You have pressure from every direction and the voices in your head are not helping you get any closer to figuring out what you really want. The holiday will herald even more family pressure as you hear your aunt tell you how great your cousin is doing in his new career as a mixologist and you wonder whether you should have turned down that free invitation to attend Bartending School? When life has you second-guessing your career choices all you have to do is shut the noise out and get real with yourself. Easier said then done? Maybe, but what else is there to do, stew in your own madness?

So you may not have been a math wiz in school so becoming a doctor or engineer was not a likely option for you. Or you may have stage fright and speaking in front of anyone sends you into a cold sweat. There goes any chance of being a trial lawyer or sales person. You may have made choices in your career based on your own very real fear but that should in no way stop you from pursuing what you want. Career fear is real and catches up to everyone no matter what stage of your career you are in. It does not have to paralyze you or make you feel inadequate in any way when you are forced to choose one career path from another.

Combing through the uncertainty in what you want from your career is a process you should not be afraid of. As someone profound once said, “It’s the journey, not the destination or goal that is important” I’m paraphrasing here but you get the point. Now that might not make you feel any more confident in your inability to choose from one career over another but you are the one who has to choose and that is not a task you can delegate to anyone else.

Finding and holding onto a career takes more than just a fancy resume or the right connections it takes your unwavering desire to be and do what you love best no matter how well you believe you can excel at it. Choosing a job that is “safe” over one that makes you quiver does not mean you are likely to fail at something that gives you butterflies in your stomach. Pushing yourself towards what really makes you excited is a true test in choosing between the career that will give you a steady paycheck from the one that will make you feel great.

Career choices are not always logical and sometimes a door opens that you walk into and you can’t figure out how you have been in a job you love when you didn’t even know what you were walking into in the first place. It does not matter. Following your instincts means more than the degree you studied so hard for in school because it tells you that you are doing something you love over something that someone told you was a good career choice. Keeping every option open affords you the luxury of picking and choosing from a career that makes you glad to wake up each morning from a one that has you wondering how you ever got there. Career uncertainty does not need to follow you all the days in your job life but knowing when to choose wisely will help you make the decision that’s right for you.

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