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Finding the time in your busy schedule to accomplish the things that are important to you should not make you feel guilty. You are likely being pulled in many directions during this holiday season but that should not mean you give up on your job search and finding an opportunity that is right for you. The holidays are a time when you give back and not when you give up no matter how mad everyone is dashing around you. Look at your job search as your own Black Friday and prepare, strategize and by all means get in line early to beat out your competition.

Sometimes it’s easier to stay focused when the rest of the world is distracted. This could be a very important strategy over the holiday when you should be taking the time to figure out your next career move just like you would try to figure out which store has the best deals. You are a commodity and you need to package and market your skills in much the same way you would if you were the launch of a new product. You have something others don’t have and you need to make sure the company you are interested in working for knows that as well.

Having the ability to prepare yourself during the down time of the holidays, helps you move through the crowd a lot faster when the time comes for you to hit the job market hard. You need to be mentally as well as physically prepared for your next move. If that means you need to psych yourself into being in the right frame of mind or it means you need help making sure you have an appropriate wardrobe, staying prepared in the midst of your Black Friday will help you get what you want.

When it comes to your job search you need to be first in line and make sure you stay top of mind with the hiring manager during the interview process. Following up is key but making a strong and lasting impression out of the gate will guarantee that you are not lost in the crowd no matter how many people show up to interview. You have what it takes to succeed you just need to stick with the commitment to the cause in order to cross the finish line.

As you prepare to consume large amounts of turkey and stuffing this holiday season, be thankful for the fact that you have the ability to get any job you want with a little effort and endurance. You are your best asset so make sure you let the rest of the world know that as well. Pushing your way through your Black Friday job search will be easier once you stay prepared and go after what you are looking for no matter what the obstacles get in the way. Remember, getting in your job line early shows your dedication and might get you a front row seat in the interview process and ensures you can beat out your competition.

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