Can Someone Move That Boulder Please?

Obstacles, we all face them.  Whether it’s the proverbial boulder in the road or the car that won’t start on your way to a meeting or, the 10th interview that will never lead to a job offer. We all have to face temporary road blocks in order to make it to the other side.  As frustrating as these setbacks seem, it is part and parcel of what we all experience as we grow and move towards our ultimate goals.  

In truth, it’s our reaction to these obstacles that either keep us stuck in the road, or in our car or by the phone waiting for that job offer.  Obstacles often paralyze us when what they are really intended to do is propel us into action.  Of course the way we in which choose to take action can also help or stall us in our efforts to advance.   Dwelling on how the boulder got there, why the car won’t start and why no one is offering you a job, are the very pebbles in the road that prevent us from taking a step ahead.  Your attitude about who and what you are worth and how really badly you want what is on the other side of that boulder, is what will make or break you in your efforts to succeed.

Obstacles, setbacks can and will effect your morale, your confidence and the very strength you need to realize your ambitions.  Training yourself to push through the invisible barriers which bind you to old ways of behaving and belief systems that no longer work, will help you to realize that your next, best career is right around the corner and it’s your way around that boulder that will help you get there. Pushing, pulling, resisting or waiting for someone to help you, will not make that rock move any quicker.  Navigating around it will.  Your agility is what will keep you on the path.   Keeping up and persevering will help you face your challenges in a bold new way.  Your keen desire in the face of any obstacle and your determination to stay focused on your goals and your mission is what will help you move around that boulder.  When you feel yourself sink to that most solemn place, when all you want to do is run and hide, that is when you need resolve and determination to remain focused on your goal.

When you’ve been on the 20th interview, posted your resume to 100 job boards and have exhausted your 500 + LinkedIn network, you truly wonder where that determination and perseverance will come from.  It comes from only one source and that source is you.  Your will to survive and to manifest your desires is all you need at times when you are most down.  Challenges are part of the process.  A not-always-nice part of the process, but one we are destined to overcome if we realize the obstacles or just that, a temporary bump in the road.

So when you think the best course of action is to sit it out, wait, hold your breath and worry, you are wrong.  Pick yourself up, move to the lowest point around the boulder and crawl your way to the other side.  Nothing is going to get you where you want to go faster than moving yourself.

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