10 Things To Be Thankful for this Holiday…..

When you think about the past year what are you most grateful for? Are you grateful for the job you have or the one you expect will come? Are you still wishing for something big and wonderful to come into your life? Opportunities abound and the future lay bright and sunny but do you ever stop and give thanks to what you have today?

When Thanksgiving represents what you give thanks for in your life here are some things you might consider when you give yourself time to reflect on your job and your career in a meaningful way:

  1. Thank you for the gift of work;
  2. Thank you for the ability to provide for myself and my family;
  3. Thank you for the new opportunities ever present in my life;
  4. Thank you for the abundance I have in my life;
  5. Thank you for my professional relationships of friends and co-workers;
  6. Thank you for my many mentors I have had in my career;
  7. Thank you for the ability to learn new things in new ways;
  8. Thank you for the chance to use my skills in productive ways;
  9. Thank you for my ability to help others in their career;
  10. Thank you for all of the many chances I have to grow, learn and become who I am really meant to be in my career.

Giving thanks for all of what you have now allows you to make room for all of the new opportunities that are just waiting for you.

Original Post 11/2012

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