Be Your Own Oscar, “Keep On Chasing…”

In a competitive Oscar race this year there were many stand out acceptance speeches. Preparing to win takes as much work it seems as the Oscar-winning performance.  Knowing who to thank, how to be grateful and of course giving hope to the dreamers is part of the script.  Matthew McConaughey’s speech however was a stand out as he thanked God, his family and offered up this wisdom, “My hero’s always 10 years away. I’m never going to attain that. That keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing…”

When it comes to setting and attaining your career goals where do you see yourself in 10 years?  Are you ready to chase not just your dream but also your self?  Seeking out the best you can be means you are wiling to sacrifice all it will take to get you what you want. Having it all does not mean you are content today with your job, your paycheck or even your title.  It means there is always something more waiting for you and to become complacent means your are committing career suicide if you are not always striving for bigger, better, more.

Selfish?  Self-absorbed? Egotistical?  Maybe?  But there is nothing wrong with chasing the best version of you no matter how far off in the future that may be.  Some of us achieve career success early on in life, Zuckerberg, Brin, Jobs and some later in life Mandela, O’Keefe, and Best Supporting Actress Nominee June Squibb. Does that mean you should give up if you are not holding your career trophy by age 25?  No it means you need to keep chasing the better part of yourself to make it happen.

Finding and keeping career success means you are not giving up on what you want and you will take the necessary steps to ensure you will attain it.  Maybe you need to go back to school, move to another country, or make a career change to find your passion.  Maybe you are already doing what you love but you are struggling to make ends meet and think you need to be doing something else in order to be successful.  It does not matter if you are a filmmaker, actor, accountant or engineer, there is greatness, inspiration and success in knowing you are expressing the best part of you and success will surely follow.

Keeping distant goals in mind might seem like a long shot when you are looking to be the hero of your own story today.  Striving to be the best version of yourself means you know what you want and you are ready to make it happen.  Honoring yourself puts you in a position to honor those that matter in your life as well.  Giving thanks to a higher power, your family, your friends humbles you enough to recognize the road to success is not easy but if you are capable and willing to do it all for you and for someone you love success then is not far off. Keep on chasing your dreams and continue to dream bigger and a more powerful version of who you want to be.  You are your own career hero make your story count!

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