Are You An Elite Job Seeker?

What does it take to win?  How much effort do you need to expend when the job search has become impossible?  Are you willing to push towards the finish line to succeed or are you satisfied with coming in second place?  There is no right or wrong answer but it’s time to think about what you would do and what it would take to become the elite job seeker you were born to be.

Being an elite job seeker means you are ready to cross the finish line even when the opposition is closing in.  You may have many distractions along the road to your next job but keeping your focus under adverse circumstances is your key to crossing the finish line and not coming in second place.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve your elite job seeker status:

  1. Keep The Pace:  Finding your rhythm in the job race is like keeping time with yourself.  You need to know how much energy to expend and when to push to the finish no matter how close you think you are to getting the job you want.  Following up on your job leads, reaching out to the people you know who can help and not settling for any disappointment that may arise regardless of how hard an effort you make, helps you to keep the pace with changes in the job market and out run the number of other qualified applicants all vying for the same job.
  2. Ignore Distractions:  Like the motorcycle cop riding on the heels of the marathon runners or the cyclists weaving in and out of the race, distractions in your life can make any effort you put into your job search a never ending game of hide and seek. If you find you are always looking over your shoulder at a moments notice wondering who is catching up to you in your race to the job finish line, then you need to make every effort to keep your eye on the real prize which is getting across the job offer. Staying focused on your job search under any condition will have you running faster and keeping pace with your competition no matter what distractions life throws in your path.
  3. Focus on the Finish: Distractions aside you know what it will take in order to keep the pace and follow through on the pursuit of your dream job.  There may be plenty of other candidates who are better suited for the job you want, but knowing that you are determined to follow through with your efforts means you have a better than average chance of beating out the competition.  There is the physical effort you put into your job search but your mental stamina and determination will win out no matter how tough your chances of beating out your competition.

Honing and perfecting your elite job status means you will train and work and focus your attention in getting the job you want no matter how tough the career landscape has become.  Keeping your skills sharp and maintaining a keen focus on getting the job you want will make you stand out from the crowd no matter how close you come to crossing the finish line.

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