Ask, Believe & Receive

What’s on your holiday wish list this year?  Are you still looking for the right relationship, enough money in the bank, the perfect job or maybe a raise?  Are you grateful for what you have or are you still searching for a reason to get up in the morning?  Have you been deservedly naughty or particularly nice and just waiting for a bounty of beautiful gifts to descend upon you?  Whatever your lot in life you are in a unique position to hit the reset button and start over as the New Year approaches.

Knowing what has worked for you in the past and understanding what you can improve upon in the future is a good step in developing a solid game plan to help you move forward towards the career you want.  Being able to release what was not working in the past helps you build a foundation that is solid and gets you where you want to go from here.

We all make those meaningless New Year’s resolutions only to fail at almost everything we attempt. Instead of making lists about goals and promises that you can’t keep, you should think about committing to one or two things that you know you can deliver on like, finding a job you love!  When you keep it simple, you will have a better chance at succeeding in your goals.  We overburden ourselves with goals that seem insurmountable and it frustrates and discourages us when we can’t meet them.  Knowing how to set reasonable and meaningful expectations about your career goals will help you to better achieve the results you want in the timeline and in the manner you choose.

You are the master of your own career plan whether you think divine intervention has anything to do with it or not.  No one knows better what you need and how to get there than you even though you may doubt yourself at times.  There are three simple ways to get the job you truly want and focus your intention for the New Year:

1-    Ask.  Set your intention.  What is it that you really want?  Keep it simple by not complicating it with a long list of desires that are not truly important.  Just name it.

2-    Believe.  Now that you know what you want hold onto it and make sure you believe that you can achieve it.  Don’t set up obstacles or second-guess your initial intentions.  Believing and realizing your dreams is all you need to do in order to get ready to:

3-    Receive.  You will notice what appears to be some miraculous events unfold before you, opportunities you did not even imagine could be possible when you open yourself up to asking and believing in your dreams.

Holding onto what you truly want and opening up yourself to receive the wonderful opportunities that await you are just the first steps and only steps you need in making your holiday career dreams come true.  So even if you were a bit naughty, no one is judging you but you.  Don’t stand in your own way when it comes to harnessing the power of your potential.  Just open up to the wonderful new choices available to you and embrace the New Year with all your might!

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