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During this holiday season and sometimes throughout the year, we need to be reminded that it’s ok to give, share and spread the wealth especially in a crowded job market.  Even when it seems like there are hundreds of job seekers applying to just one job like there are holiday shoppers rushing to the stores on Black Friday to grab up the last of the sale items, we need to remind ourselves there’s room at the Inn for all of us if we just slow down and step back and be willing to help.  You may feel the need to rush to get through your “Job Seeker To Do List” wondering how many more resumes you can send out or how many job interviews you can line up before the new year. When you think you’ve done enough for yourself and you are not sure what gifts you can share, think of those who are still struggling this year who have not been as successful as you and next time you hear of a job you are not interested in or perhaps is just not right for you, remember you can easily jus, pass it on.

Sharing is a gift we can all take part in whether it’s during the holiday season or not. Knowing when to give back and help someone else who is having an even harder time with their job search than you are is one way you can choose to do something for someone else.  It does not have to be the holiday season for you to be generous.  You will be rewarded in many ways each and every time you reach out and pass it on.  Simple ways for you to think about this benevolent concept might include:

1- Pass on job leads and contacts that might be appropriate for someone else;

2- Help someone land an interview or make an introduction on their behalf;

3- Offer to review their resume, bio and make constructive comments;

4- Roll play and provide positive feedback on their interview skills/techniques;

5- Be there to listen to how their job search is going and offer to help.

Knowing that you are not alone and that there are others out there who may be having a harder time with their job search takes you out of yourself and opens you up to helping others in a similar situation.  When it comes to passing it on it takes little or no effort.  You just have to think of others as you would think or yourself and the reward maybe an even better job for you and of course, the right to feel great while you are doing something nice for someone else.

This holiday season pass it on and help someone help themselves by giving the gift of hope, courage, a little good will and of course the prospects of an amazing job opportunity.

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