JOBS-Joy Over Being Sure!

How do you define your job?  Is it something you do to get, “Just Out By Sunset” or something you do to just stay busy and pay the bills.  Or, like many of us who strive for making sure we are living our best careers, we would like to define our job as something more, something with substance.  If we are living our best career, they you can count yourself as one of the lucky ones.  Your job is more than what others may believe you do for a living.  Your job, can be defined as you’re, “Joy Over Being Sure!”

Knowing what you want and living that in every way is how you know whether you are truly living more than just your job. So much of us have been taught that a job is what you do to earn a living.  A job is more than that or at least, should be.  Your job is your vocation, your calling, your passion.  Knowing that, means you can re-direct yourself if you feel like your job is nothing more than a means to pay your bills.  Being able to find the balance between what you do and what you are destined to do will make for a happy and gifted career path.

Having your vision clearly defined makes the process easier.  If you are struggling with finding your path find time to reflect on your true desires.  You are born with gifts whether they are the ones you choose to utilize in your current profession or not. Finding what brings you the most joy and making sure you are incorporating that in what you do every day is essential to making sure you stay the path towards creating the job of your dreams.

We all face the challenge of deciding what we want most out of our life and sometimes get lost in our way to find out what that might be.  Or, if you are one of the lucky ones, then you have always known exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up and found the right opportunities to get you there. But for those of you who are still finding the vision, mission and goal to live your best career, then there is time to figure out what you feel the most passionate about and make sure you do everything you can to move in that direction.

When you are sure about what you don’t like about your current job, it opens the door to opportunities that will allow you to find what you do like. Knowing is half the battle in taking the necessary steps towards meeting and exceeding your career expectations. Taking a job for the sake of working should not mean you are compelled to work in a profession that makes you unhappy no matter what the obvious benefits appear to be.  If your job does not inspire you in anyway, than stop doing what you are doing and make a change.  Taking a risk on yourself takes courage and is not easy when you continue down a road for so long that you have lost your way in the search for your perfect career.  Next time someone asks you what your job is, tell them that you are “Joyous Over Being Sure!” and not ready to “Jump Offa’Bridge! because you are doing what you love and not what you have to do.

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