Your Job Search in 127 Hours ….

or so it seems.  Timing, timing and more timing.  Like the old biological clock that ticks for some and tocks for others, your job search like the waxing and the waning of the moon, is subject to timing, divine or otherwise.  Knowing that patience is the name of the game when it comes to waiting for the right opportunity to come along does not always make the wait any easier or any faster.  For some of us, waiting for the right job is as they say like watching paint dry, for the rest, it can be as quick as someone running the course through a speed dating session.  Your job search does not have to be an ordeal, 127 hours of waiting for help that never comes….

Realizing that you do have control over the process, whether it’s moving at the speed of sound or not is a necessary comfort when the road blocks keep popping up in the obstacle course that never ends. Pushing, pulling, gnawing or circling are just some of the wait-and-see job search strategies some like to employ while they wait for the proverbial “green light.”  Having a peaceful yet deliberate mind-set when finding your next job makes all the difference in the world in not only helping to temperyour patience, but in attracting the job you really want.

Sometimes we force the issue hoping that our more aggressive tactics will yield the desired result-a job offer within 24 hours.  Sometimes we push those we know to help us make the necessary introductions to get a meeting hoping it will land with an offer before you ask whether they offer parking validation or not on your way out.  Others will pull out all the stops sending creative emails, flowers, cards, gifts and any other form of payola they think will land them at least a meeting if not an actual job offer. And then there are those who will gnaw there way to the top, literally as if they are chewing their hand off to get out in front of the next person stupid enough to cut the line that leads to the recruiter’s office.  Last but not least are the circlers, who will traverse their career course like someone tracing a crop circle, repeating the same pattern over and over again, hoping for a different outcome, even though their actions or approach haven’t changed.

We wait, or not hoping that this time it will be different and fantasize about the job offer as if it were a long awaited proposal from a secret admirer.  Before you break out the violins and champagne, let’s get real: waiting for your next job offer in a time when the only outcome to improving the employment situation is to extend unemployment benefits to 99 weeks and beyond has got to take more than just patience.  Even if you were the type who could meditate your way through the wait, you’ve got to know that time is not something you can push, pull, gnaw or circle through.

The only remedy worth considering in a time when even your most valiant efforts seem pointless, is to know that so long as you keep your eye on the prize, and not settle for less, keep yourself motivated, pre-occupied and challenged it will be worth the wait.  Even if you busy yourself in clearing out your closets as you wait for the phone to ring, do what it takes to free up your mind from the fear and worry of not getting a job offer and open you up for oh, I don’t know, maybe the unexpected?  Pleasant things come in odd ways and yes of course, to those that wait.

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