When You Play Your A-Game…

Giving it your all, calling in the shots, focusing, following, listening and playing your A-Game.  When you’ve given it your best shot in your job efforts and have shown up to deliver your best, it’s now time for the hard part, to sit back, trust and yes, wait.  Finding the resolve to release control over the job process when you know in your heart of hearts that you’ve showed up and delivered your best is not always easy.  Playing the waiting game, replaying the meetings, interview, follow-up over again in your head thinking maybe you could do something differently is not going to help the process move any quicker for you.

It’s hard enough to accept defeat when you know you absolutely blew it in a job interview.  It’s even harder to accept the wait, not knowing the outcome, when you know for sure you gave it all you had and then some. Knowing when to release your fears and stop living in the “what if” scenario you play over again in your head will save you a lot of grief in the long run, especially when you get the word that you did get the job!  Having trust and faith in yourself is tough when you’ve been beaten down time and again and rejection seems like a familiar feeling.  But giving it your best in whatever you attempt to do as part of your search efforts to find and secure a job is an accomplishment all in itself and you should reward yourself as such.

So maybe you want to celebrate before you get the word, share it with a few friends, start spending like you won- it’s okay.  Knowing and honoring that you gave the best performance of your life when it comes to your career is cause for celebration even when you don’t have the final word.  You won’t jinx yourself so don’t beat yourself up if you are giddy with anticipation. Focusing your attention, staying positive and believing that no matter what the final result, you know that you are capable of being your best even when faced with challenging odds.  The job market is competitive like never before.  Employers have more options and are in a rush to figure out what their next move should be, whether they should fill the job and with whom, whether they should wait or promote from within or not fill the job at all.  With so many changing priorities and diverging interests its hard to know which side of the road you will land.

Controlling the process to the best of your capabilities, following up, being flexible to options presented to you and always remembering you are the best at what you do, will help you to release the fear and doubt and move on to accepting the outcome even if you don’t have full control over the process.  It’s not enough to just give it your A-Game but it is enough to know when to be aggressive in the job market, celebrate the rewards of a good game and never forget that if this one doesn’t work out for whatever reason, there is always something bigger and better waiting for you around the corner.

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