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Endurance, focus, practice, determination and perseverance may be what it takes to win the New York Marathon, but some might say these same attributes are what it takes to make it to your job finish line. Whether you are in transition, a recent grad or someone who is happy where they are in life, harnessing what it takes to win the job race takes time and yes a little more than just dedication.

Being a winner in anything you undertake may feel good when the race is over but how many of you actually recall what it took to get there? You may have a natural instinct towards winning that comes easily to you or, like so many you have to work at it in order to move forward just a little. Whatever your inclination towards winning, no one can deny that with the right amount of effort you will master just about anything you set your mind towards no matter how long it takes.

Challenges, obstacles, adverse conditions are a part of any course you take when it comes to winning the job race. You have options like with anything in life. You can quit, go at your own pace or you can push through to you get to your goal. Whatever course of action you choose, the goal is the same: make it what you want and you will reach your goal. Not everyone takes on a race to win. Sometimes just being part of the process is winning enough. Take for example if you are in a job or career you really love. Your natural inclination may be to rest easy and enjoy the ride and put little or no effort into the thought that you should interview for another job opportunity. Wrong. Even when you think the race is won or you are not even sure you want to jump in to the race, that’s when you need to put even the smallest amount of effort into it in order to keep yourself prime and in good shape.

Interviewing for another job when you already have one and one that you like is the very BEST time to practice, get in shape and learn how you stack up against the competition even if you are not interested in jumping into the job race. It may seem counter-intuitive but you are at your very best when you are not trying so hard to win a job offer, another chance to interview or a higher salary when you are relaxed, focused and in a good mental and physical shape. Just like an athlete with a few wins under their belt, it does not mean you have to ease up on the effort you put into it, but you definitely come at the process of winning from a very different mind set if you are comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Winning means different things to different people. Just being part of the race is accomplishment enough for some while charging towards the finish line is all anyone else can see. Whether you are a joyful participant or a hungry athlete, learning how to manage your job race at your own pace will help you gain the courage and momentum you need no matter how hard you are driving towards the finish line.

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