Kill The Messenger…

Finding yourself in a political dilemma at work? Are you feeling like you don’t know who to trust let alone open up to? If you find yourself sitting on some news you need to share with a co-worker or boss but you don’t know how or where to start remember, you are always playing a game of “Kill The Messenger.” Taking risks at work are never easy but knowing how to deliver the news regardless of how grime really is an art form if you are to survive in the corporate world.

You are either in a position where you have access to information or are in the flow of communication but knowing which end your on is important when you are considering sharing the news. If you are lucky enough to be the keeper of the cloak, then knowing where the bodies are buried is an unenviable position because in essence you know too much. There is an inherent threat in being that well versed in the comings and goings of an organization and knowing how to manage and leverage that knowledge and information takes tact and guts. If you are in a position close enough to the power source but not directly in the flow of knowledge, it’s best to keep your “He said/She said” conversations to yourself. There is no way to win at that game no matter how high up in the organization you are.

The expression, “Where there is knowledge there is power” is never more true when you are in a position at work and in the flow of information. No matter what level you are at, you will inevitably hear, be part of or know about circumstances involving the company and individuals that can impact the way you operate. Understanding how to use this information carefully will make or break you in your survival at work.

Being able to relay information in a non-threatening way often requires a certain level of diplomacy not taught in school. When you find yourself in a position to deliver any news where you directly involved, it’s best to start from the beginning Using phrases, like, “I have some feedback to share, are you open to the information?” or, “I have some information and I’m not sure the best way to share it?” signals that you are asking permission to involve the other person in the knowledge you possess.

If the information is particularly challenging to deliver, it’s always best to receive permission first before offering up the advice or feedback and not appear that you are gossiping or looking to share the information to be hurtful. Offering any information in a respectful and considerate way will help lessen the blow no matter how hard the news is to hear. It’s never easy being in a position where you need to share information for the purpose of solving a dilemma. Knowing how to manage that properly and in the context of being helpful not hurtful will make the delivery much easy as well as gain you a few points on diplomacy.



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