Your Job Deal Breakers

When it comes to finding and ACCEPTING a job offer we all have our lists.  It maybe that your list contains what you would and would not want from your next job much like a list you’d create if you were picking the perfect mate.  But we all have our limits of what we would accept from a job regardless of how great it all sounds.  Even if you’ve been at this for a while, you still have standards, whether you choose to lower them or not is entirely a different matter. I’m not judging you by any means.  Let’s face it as we get older we seem less inclined to be as picky about certain things as when we were eager beavers graduating school wanting to take the world by it’s job-balls!

But as we mature we have a sense of ourselves that we didn’t when we were younger.  It doesn’t mean we are shallow it just means we are realistic about what will work for us now vs. what we thought would work for us then.  Yes, I’m talking about your Job Deal Breakers.  We all have them whether we really ever sit down and list them out or not.  For instance, if you were offered a job at a really great company with a fabulous brand for significantly less money than you are currently earning-is that a deal breaker?  For some it is for others, maybe the risk of wondering whether you’ll make your monthly payments is enough of a turn-off to make you fall in love with your current thankless job all over again. Maybe the job is all that but your co-workers are a pack of hungry wolves waiting to nip at your carcass.  Do you suck it up and sharpen up your hunting spear or do you run behind your laptop and hit the job boards looking for whatever job might offer you a slightly easier commute than the one you have now.

Your deal breakers can often be subtle reminders that force you to take stock in what you have-you know, the grass is always greener challenge.  Maybe you are asked to move offices and you are now staring into the shabby apartment of an adjoining building compared to the park view you once had.  Will that make you run?  Maybe not, but it’s a reminder that it’s maybe okay to make a few temporary sacrifices in the face of the long term play-a better job or an even better boss!

Common deal breakers that would challenge anyone can include, 1) putting up with an abusive boss-unless you like the rough and tumble of it all and are addicted to watching “Spartacus”; 2) the meaningless praise from someone who has passed you over time and again for a promotion and you know you will never go anywhere if you stay where you are-think “Horrible Bosses”; 3) pay cuts, benefits slashes and vacation “take away” – when the pay and benefits is just not good enough and you start to question your self-dignity if you stay around and feel you’d be more appreciated if you worked in a sweat shop (at least you could drop a few pounds); 4) all pain and no gain of working long hours, missing the kid’s soccer games, your family and friends see you more in family photos than in person, and your pet no longer runs to greet you unless you bribe him with a treat; 5) your spouse, partner, friend and family makes plans without you because you are so “dedicated to your job” they’d rather have you happy at work than happy at home-they thinks it’s a choice you made and they’ve accepted.

Look you may not have the best of both worlds when it comes to comparing your current job with what lies ahead, but at least you know you have some options.  Deal breakers can help you dig yourself out of the proverbial job hole you’ve gotten yourself into for the prospect of greener pastures-even if it is just down the hall.

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