Are You Shameless?

Like the popular Gallagher family on Showtime’s “Shameless,” do you ever ask yourself what lengths you would go to get and keep the job you want?  It’s a scary thought but with the way the world is rolling these days, despite the decrease in unemployment, how you get and keep the job you want is becoming like a game show challenge with one contestant trying to beat out the other under the most extreme and at times obscene circumstances.

It’s okay I’m not suggesting that you have your under age kids start a home-based business and put the spare change from their earnings into the Crisco can.  But you do have to ask yourself, if it really, really, really was up to you to stand up and deliver in the face of the extreme-do you have what it takes to be shameless?

Now, you would have to start by defining what you would consider “shameless” as it relates to your career choices?  Maybe running down the guy in the employee parking lot who is up for the same might be over-kill (no pun intended), but what would you do to ensure your place in the sun?  Like all’s fair in job wars, would you feel liberated if you used any means necessary to secure your future in your current job or one you had your eye on?  It’s not an unreasonable question to ask yourself particularly as the competitive landscape shows no signs of slowing down.

If you find yourself feeling like you would in no way act in a manner that would be considered shameful or inappropriate maybe you don’t have enough of the survival instinct needed to truly get what you want?  There is an intended work ethic in being shameless that one has to respect.  Doing what it takes to put food on the table, making sure you have enough money to pay your bills and knowing that you are as responsible to others as you are to yourself, makes the stakes higher in your attempt to debate the merits of whether you should be shameless about your career pursuits or not.  There is nothing wrong with resting on your laurels, but to be truly shameless implies a gutsiness and risk-taking that the average person might not possess.

The attributes of being shameless is a gusty self-resolve in knowing what you have to do in order to survive whether you are making a million dollars a year or barely scraping enough together at the end of the day.  There is no pride when it comes to making sure you can earn what you need in order to survive.  That is the true definition of shameless.  Yes, it’s nice to be polite, courteous, and respectful but when it comes to making sure you and your family are taken care of, being a little shameless in your pursuit of happiness is not such a bad thing.  Just don’t run the little old lady down the next time you are in the grocery store, maybe offer to help her pick out a nice plant and jump ahead in line just the same.

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