You Are Who You Eat….

If you think the expression, “What goes around, comes around,” was something your grandmother use to say when you were naughty, think again.  In the corporate world of musical chairs what you put out there, good or bad comes back to haunt you no matter where you may land. It’s not that someone is up there with a score-card keeping track but guarantee no matter what industry you work in and in particular in entertainment, media & technology industries, it’s a small enough world for word to get out.  So be careful who and what you eat for lunch as it may very well come back to bite you in another form!

It may not seem right when you hear of others ascending the throne to even bigger or better positions (read my “Failing Up” blog), but know that your professional integrity is your most valuable asset no matter how small you may feel in your current role.  Bad behavior is nothing to reward particularly in folks who seem to continue to climb the ladder of success.  Those who have been sacrificed and eaten along the way come back to seek revenge on their prey like a Zombie Apocalypse. It may not be as dramatic as all that but believe me when I write that it does come back around somehow, someway.

You work hard, you follow the rules, and you even genuinely care about what you do and whom you do it with.  Along comes someone who rides on the merits of a flashy resume, or a pedigree education and a few key contacts and they have just usurped you from a job that you could have proudly stepped into had your moral fiber not been as strong.  And although you may think, “Hmm sour grapes,” you know to your very core that something is just not fair.

So where does that exactly leave you?  Do you need to alter your moral compass or just brush it off knowing that others will get their just rewards?  It might seem easier on the surface to feel betrayed by corporate America and sit back and lick your wounds.  Having the faith, dedication and perseverance to not follow the pack no matter how successfully they lay siege to the village ahead makes you one of the few who will reap the benefits of knowing you are better than all that. It might not make sense when you see the President of a company fired for “unprofessional conduct” and manages to receive a massive financial payout because of a contract; or the CEO who hosts a baby shower on the company’s dime, obligating the staff to buy her gifts yet all the while expensing it to the company; or the HR head who was inappropriate with staff members and somehow lands an even bigger gig; or the marketing executive who gets a big bonus check when they were reprimanded for falsifying expense reports.

Even if it seems like none of these folks have choked on those they’ve eaten along the way to their glorious careers think again.  Whether it’s a matter of divine intervention or dumb luck, what goes around will and always does come around.

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