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Same ride to work.  Same drink order at Starbucks, Same parking spot, Same office. Same receptionist.  Same ID required.  Same elevator. Same desk.  Same assistant. Same morning meeting.  Same agenda.  Same day over and over again.  What would really happen if you just shook things up?

I’m not suggesting you change your route to work, but if that helps put you in the mood I suppose you can start there.  I mean what if you really shook it up and made a drastic change like quit your job, move to another state or country, take that job that you are not sure is right just to do something, anything a little different?  We tend to think ourselves out of our next move because we are afraid of the unknown.  That’s okay many great things happen by mistake.  Not knowing what the next day will bring may be enough to make you want to take a drink at 8am or do anything to calm the butterflies in your stomach, but did you ever think that the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach is trying to tell you something?

Change doesn’t always feel good and sometimes it’s not suppose to. Change is there to do just that make you do something you would not ordinarily do.  Whether that change is forced upon you or you are your own catalyst, making up your mind to either fight the tide or go with the flow are just some of the options at your disposal. This is the make or break moment in your life that will lead to your successful transition.  Shaking it up means you are deliberately and intentionally choosing to change even if you are not sure what the outcome will look like.  Call it faith, call it blind ambition, call it having some balls however you see it, shaking up your world will inevitably give you a new outcome.

The good news is that you are not necessarily stuck with whatever comes. If you don’t like where you land, just shake it up again.  Change is not at all as frightening as some would have you believe.  Think about all the control you have when you know you are the one in charge of what you want and when you want it.  Not moving forward, standing still, doing the same thing over again without any hope of moving ahead does not a productive or fulfilling life make. When you are afraid of what might happen that’s the time you need to shake things up and see what you get.  You may wind up in the same place but at least you know you took action to get there.  Have a little faith that you do know what you want and you do have your best intentions at heart.

No one can shake it up like you can and even if the thought makes you dizzy, it’s okay, you can stop or start the process of change anytime you like.  Now if that doesn’t spell freedom I don’t know what does!

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