Who’s Your Secret Santa?

Ho, ho, ho what will Santa bring you this year?  Will it be a shiny new car?  Did you wish for a new house or perhaps a new girlfriend?  Or, just maybe that job offer you’ve waited for all year will finally come through?  When it comes to making wishes, you don’t need to hold back.  Remember, you didn’t edit your Christmas List for Santa when you were a kid.  But wouldn’t it be nice this year if you were to play Secret Santa and help someone who really needs the extra help this holiday season!

Can’t find the perfect career gift for the one you love?  Well here are a few things you can offer your out-of-work friends that will be a gift that keeps on giving.  You don’t have to be a career coach or a recruiter to help a friend in need find a job this year. Think out of the box and your gift will be the best present anyone could wish for:

  1. Remember everyone needs someone to talk to.  Even if you think your friend who has been looking for a job for months has enough support around him/her, don’t assume anything.  Offering advice or even some of your valuable time to hear them vent is a way to offer up your support even if you think they don’t need it.
  2. Offer to read your friend’s resume or maybe even offer to help write it.  You have valuable advice to give even if you think no one wants to hear it.  It would be nice to offer your fresh perspective and sage wisdom by giving some feedback on your friend’s resume or even offer to hire them a career coach.
  3. Invite your “in-between jobs” friend a chance to network with some of your employed peeps.  Hosting a holiday brunch or networking party in their honor is a nice way to offer them exposure to people who can help without making it seem desperate or intrusive.
  4. Offer to attend a career fair or set up a meeting with a recruiter to help them get started.  No one likes to go it alone on something as important as looking for their next job, so be the kind of friend who will support them even if it means driving them to their appointment or meeting them after for coffee to listen to feedback on the meeting.
  5. Buy your friend career coaching sessions with a qualified career professional or an online membership to a career site to help them jump start their career.  Even if you don’t have the time to invest in helping them offering them a professional service would be a nice way to help someone out who really needs it.

There are many creative ways you can help someone out in their career and be their Secret Santa this year.  Traditional gifts are fine but ones that mean the most often don’t require a lot of money but a simple investment in time and attention for someone you truly care about.

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