Shedding Career Fear

Nothing screams fear like the unknown.  Whether that means you are not sure where you are spending the holidays or, if you have enough money to pay the bills, fear as we know it comes in many forms and usually in the most unexpected of places.  The holidays of course present a time of reflection and for giving thanks for those things you do have in your life.  Even if you feel you have little to be grateful for, each year you are given a new opportunity to look back on what is and is not working in your life and quite frankly, make a change.  Shedding your fear about the future is like taking a brisk jog around the block after a big holiday meal.  You may be full but you know you need to get rid of what no longer feeds you.

Shedding what is and is not working in your career is no different.  You have things that work for you like getting a paycheck each week to working with people you like from those things that no longer work, like the long commute to the nagging boss you love to hate.  Reminding yourself of who you are and what you are good at are ways to abate the fear when it rises like a strange itch you can’t quite scratch.  Self worth and self-acceptance are two areas you should embrace if you are going to keep your fear at bay.  If you keep giving into the notion that you are not good at anything, your job is a dead-end street and you just can’t win for trying, then no matter how clear your future career goals are you will find a way to fail despite your best attempts.

Getting rid of the career obstacles that hold you back is like moving a boulder during a blizzard.  You can feel the weight of what you need to push against, but you can’t see which direction you need to move. It’s okay if you don’t quite know where to push your fear; the point is that you push it in any direction it chooses to roll.  So long as you continue the work through what holds you back and silence the negative voices in your head, you will make head way under even the dire of circumstances.

Silencing the critic within makes you stronger as you beat the odds in your own self-defense. Your career is your choice whether you wish to sit this one out or you try for every opportunity in front of you.  Finding ways to affirm your intelligence, perseverance and capabilities in the face of your fear is your greatest weapon against your own survival.  Be courageous when it comes to ridding the demons in your career closet and turning on the light to scare away the dark shadows that bind you to the past.  Knowing how to exorcise those ghosts that bind you to self-doubt, scarcity and fear is the only thing you need to shed the fear and take hold of your future.

Instead of worrying about what is not working for you this holiday season, reflect on all the good things around you starting with yourself and see those ghosts evaporate like snow melting on a shingled roof.

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