When Your Job Is Work

images Nothing screams work more than when you have to manage your job. I don’t mean managing your job search, I mean actually managing how and when you show up for that weekly paycheck. It may be that you feel you have no other choice. The job may be all you have but when just showing up for work becomes the work, it might be time to start looking for a new career path.

Your job may have its up and downs. You may love what you do but hate whom you are doing it with. You may love the team but are working way below your pay grade. It doesn’t matter when it’s not working, it’s not working. You could have gone to executive coaching, confided in your trusted network or just tried to “make it work,” but nothing is working at work.

Trying to figure out your next move can be frustrating. Most people get stuck or derail their efforts by just sucking it up and staying put no matter how miserable they truly have become. Showing up for work has become a job in and of itself. The ride to work each day has become like a walk to the death chamber, but at the end of the day, a paycheck is a paycheck no matter what package it comes in. Just because you are miserable doesn’t mean you should just up and quit your job- does it?

Well, only you can answer that question but if you ask me, it does. No one should stay where they no longer feel valued, wanted or excited about the job. It does not matter if you are paid well or not. If you are miserable you are miserable and you need to figure out how to change your environment even if that means looking for another job in your current company. If quitting is not an option, how do you effectively “unstuck” yourself and make a change?

Asking for help is the first step, dogging on your boss or your job in the process is not. When your job no longer holds the promise of something wonderful then you need to figure out what it’s going to take to make you want to reach for something new. You may feel beaten down and not worthy, but looking past your current situation to something bigger and better is what you need to focus on. Your job will always be work whether you are happy in it or not. Who said you will do what you like and not get dragged into office politics? When you realize that is part of your job no matter what you are hired to do then just may be you might find a little rainbow in the days that lie ahead. Learning how to navigate the politics is an essential part of how you manage your job, your career and the choices you make even if you love what you do. Sorry, you can’t escape that part no matter how much money you make! But when you feel like politics is all you are managing then it might be time to take your job on the road for brighter horizons.

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