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unknownTaking your work on the road is not a new concept. Companies have afforded employees the ability to telecommute, work from home, work remote or job share for years. It takes a rare individual to successfully transition into a more flexible work schedule without missing a beat. There are advantages to carving out a more relaxed way to work. Nothing screams work/life balance than the ability to be able to come and go on your own schedule. The trick to job mobility is making it look seamless. Knowing that you are able to be as effective if not more away from the desk than you are when you are behind it, signals you know how to navigate the job mobility waters like a master seaman.

What does it really mean to have job mobility? I’m not referring to job-hopping although there are those that would like to temp there way through their entire career. I mean the ability to decide how your weekly work schedule will look like. More and more millennials are defining the future of what work/life balance means. Staying behind a desk and in a cubicle or office for 8 + hours every day might as well be defined as prison rather than work. Technology has cleared the path to stay connected whether you are sitting on a beach or somewhere around the world.

The success to job mobility is to remain connected long after the rank and file has commuted home. It might mean longer days or an extended work schedule but it can be done from the comfort of your home or beautiful backyard. Work is work no matter where you are. The traditional concepts of working in an office are quickly becoming “old school” notions and work spaces and mobile offices are redefining the way in which we choose to show up for work.

For those adept at multi-tasking the ability to be mobile allows you to handle more than one task at a time even if includes picking up the kids from school or walking the dogs midday. If you can write your blog at 7am with a cup of coffee from the comfort of your bed, why wouldn’t you? Who says, working remotely means you are less productive? Without the distractions of co-workers popping in and out of your office to “vent” about the workplace, the boss or how little they are paid, imagine the amount of work you can actually get done?

Job mobility could offer you peace and quiet and make you more productive in delivering projects on time but there is always a chance of feeling a bit isolated and alone. So long as you can balance your work with knowing when and where you need to be whether in the office or at an offsite meeting location, you can battle any feelings of isolation that may come up. Remember job mobility is a way to make you feel more connected to your work product and not less connected to your co-workers. Having the ability to juggle the many things that call your attention throughout the day without the stresses of physically being in one location vs. another should help you achieve more in your job than just the work.



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