When It’s Not The One…

Just because you’ve been working your butt off interviewing, networking and working every angle you can to find your next job, doesn’t mean every job is the right one for you.  When a job is not the one you were hoping it would be, you need to walk away from the a pending offer just like a you would a bad first date.  For whatever reason when the job you want does not want you, you need to figure out a way to move on with grace, courage and the speed necessary to get enough traction between you and your next career move.

It’s not like you have to take every job opportunity that comes your way.  It’s like being a serial bridesmaid and never becoming a bride. Sure, getting out there and fielding your options is an important career strategy. But making sure you don’t shop yourself to a point where you diminish the value of your assets and the word on the street isn’t, “Oh s/he’s interviews for every job in this town!” Maintaining your credibility and knowing what you want without compromising your integrity when seeking your next job opportunity needs to be a critical part of your career strategy.

Compromise is a given in any situation.  Whether you found out that someone you disliked got promoted or hired into a company or position you wanted, or you are pissed that people with lesser skills and terrible work ethic seem to be moving up the corporate ladder faster than you can count the rings.  It’s not fair when you have struggled long and hard only to be put in a position to grovel for a job you really don’t want or worse a job you’ve convinced yourself you need no matter what the cost.  Knowing when to walk away, stay in the fight or pick a new one will help you make better choices about where to spend your time and effort when it comes to managing your career search.

Having the guts to know when to pursue a job that is right for you from just any job, makes you a more valuable player in an already crowded job market.  You don’t ever want to get the reputation that you’d show up for any interview regardless-desperate is not a pretty shade on anyone.  Knowing how to determine whether a job or a job environment is right for you takes a great deal of insight and self-awareness.  Many people doubt their instincts when it is sometimes the only barometer to trust when it comes to knowing what you really want from your next job.

Next time you feel pressured to make a decision about taking a job, or you think that by going after every job interview is the best strategy, take some time to reflect on what the best option is for you.  Being honest and open with yourself about your motives and making sure you are not settling for anything less than you deserve no matter how desperate the job situation has become, will be what sets you apart from the rest and will ensure you make the best possible choice when it comes to your next career move.

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