What Do You Really Want?

Knowing what you want from your career and thinking you know what you want, is the difference between saying you want to get married but never going on any dates. When you struggle with what you think you want from your next job because you are convinced that you just need to work, you do yourself a dis-service by not following what is truly in your heart from what’s pounding around in your head.  The pressure is on that is without question. Even though it looked like the economy was picking up the first half of the year to suddenly feeling like things have fallen off a cliff again, it’s easy to switch into panic-mode.  With unemployment benefits being extended to 99 weeks, it fuels the fires of doubt where it appears even the President is not confident in a job recovery anytime soon. Next time you find yourself ready to jump off a cliff because you just, “need to work” ask yourself, do you really know what you want?

Being able to distinguish what your true career goals are from the fear you’ll never find a job again, puts you in a powerful position which makes you in control of your destiny. Reacting to the endless grim news reports, the missed job opportunities and being counted among the rising number of the unemployed does nothing if not dampen even the most optimistic spirit.  Taking time to know what it is you truly want from your next job puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling your career destiny more than rising unemployment figures.  When you have nothing but time on your hands, or you are not sure whether to leave the job  you do have, for one that might be knocking at your door, take time to reflect on what you really want from your next job opportunity.

Knowledge is power but being honest about yourself, your ambitions, your goals and your creativity will help motivate you into making the best choice possible when considering your next career move. Having the guts to stare yourself down in an honest attempt to get behind what really makes you tick will not only help lift your confidence but make you more sure about your future. Taking the necessary steps to evaluate your intentions and your motivations will steer you on the right course to successfully manage your career.  Being true to you is the most powerful remedy in fighting the job-blues and getting back on track with your career.

When you find yourself jumping from job interview to job interview, praying for an offer even though you don’t want the job,  is the time to stop yourself and ask the dreaded question.  The next time you utter the phrase, “I just need to work” consider what you are summoning into your consciousness and what the universe is likely to deliver. A better way to put this is “be careful what you wish for.”  The old adage, “desperate times requires desperate measures,” does not mean you should fall victim to giving up what you really want in order to secure a paycheck. Finding the balance between your desires and your next job is as noble an act as making sure there is enough money in your checking account before you write the rent check.

Next time you find yourself motivated by the fear that you will never work again, and you take the first job offer that comes your way only to find yourself miserable, ask yourself, “What is it I really want?” and you may surprise yourself with your answer.

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