What You Can Learn From Your Job “Past Life”….

ThinkstockPhotos-479114091Your job history is like a past life, you may have deja-vu about who and what you were but how well do you use those lessons and bring them into your current job experience? We all have talents and skills that we were either born with or have developed and honed from one job hop to another. Your job past lives have helped you cultivate experience and skills that are as unique to you as your fingerprint. What you do with that experience and how you apply your talents has everything to do with whether you will be reincarnated into a higher level of job consciousness or stuck to repeat your past performance over and over again.

What are the lessons that you can bring to your new job experience? How can you evolve from one job past life incarnation to another? It’s not about how well you did but how well you apply the lessons you learned along the way that will truly determine your success. Here are a few questions you should reflect on as you consider whether you are ready for the next wrung in your job life evolution:

  1. Am I where I want to be in my current job life?
  2. What 3 things have I learned from my job in the past 12 months?
  3. What would I do differently in those 3 areas if I could do it again?
  4. How well do I feel I know what I want from my career?
  5. Do I follow my instincts or do I follow the direction given by others?
  6. Do I keep picking the same bosses and co-workers?
  7. Am I afraid to change my work environment or try new things?
  8. What skills do I possess that come naturally to me?
  9. What areas in my job do I find it hard to focus or where I struggle?
  10. Have I progressed in my career in the way I want or am I stuck?
  11. What am I most afraid of trying that is new in my job?
  12. What would I love to do but am not doing now and why?
  13. What do I feel is holding me back from pursuing my goals?
  14. How well do I handle my work relationships?
  15. Am I afraid of confrontation and in speaking my mind?
  16. Do I prefer working independently or am I more comfortable working as part of a group?
  17. Are there any patterns of behavior that I keep repeating from job to job?
  18. Do I like what I do or do I do what I like?
  19. How motivated am I by showing up to work each day?
  20. Am I happy now compared to my previous jobs? What’s different?

Although you may have a good handle on how well you have traversed the landscape of your career, it’s good to always check in with yourself and determine if you are still on the right path. Our job past is something that if you use correctly, can be a valuable tool in assessing where you go in the future. Don’t waste your time with Tarot cards or a crystal ball to tell your future. Look deep into your job past and all the answers you need to know will help you move into the future role you want. All you have to do is be open to learning how you take from the past and move yourself into the future.

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