3 Signs Your Job Is Dead…

ThinkstockPhotos-158918635Just like “The Walking Dead” you may feel like a zombie in your own job nightmare, but do you know when it’s time to get out? Some of us tend to stay at any party longer than is necessary but when it comes to your job when do you know when to pack it in? It might seem the rational thing to do change jobs when the going gets tough, but how do you know you are making the right decision? When your job is deader than a walker and you are re-writing your eulogy in your head, it is time to consider the signs and make some moves before rigor mortis sets in.

Here are 3 reasons to close the casket on your current job:

  1. You’ve Had 4 Bosses in 2 Months: It may not be unusual for you to change bosses during the course of your employment even if you are in the same job. It’s quite another to count more bosses in the span of time it takes for you to complete your probationary period with the company! If you have been in the job or your position in a short time but have to keep changing your org chart to reflect your new boss or position it might be a sign that everything is not as sunny as it appears? Could it be they are hiring the wrong people? Is it s sign that the leadership is not supportive? Does the company have a vision or mission that may or may not be clear and as they say, stuff is beginning to roll down hill? If you find that you are not in the right reporting structure because frankly, there isn’t one it might be time to look elsewhere before you wind up on the chopping block along with your next supervisor!
  2. Your Company Is Up For Sale Again: Mergers and acquisitions are pretty common these days. It could mean you work for a new start-up darling that is about to get bought up or it could mean you are working for a company that is struggling and needs a bailout more than the economy! Just because your company is on the block does not mean your job is dead but it could signal that you may need to be on the look out for new opportunities particularly if you are in a role or a division that is not meeting expectations. Being in the know and staying informed on the comings and goings of your company is always a good thing. That does not mean you should read into every email or press release but you should be aware of what the landscape looks like and how a potential sale could affect you. If it sounds like your company is headed for the auction block make sure you take care before you end up on the company watch list.
  3. You’ve Been Promoted to “Project Manager”: There use to be an old saying that when you did not know what to do with someone within the company including termination, you could always make them a “project manager.” It’s sometimes corporate code for, “We like you but we have no idea what to do with you?” Being liked may be nice for invites to parties but does little to help you progress within your company if they do not know how to value your contributions. Making sure you are not pigeon holed into a dead-end job is a sure sign that you won’t wind up on the cutting room floor when they start making cuts or changes. Keep a running list of your accomplishments on a monthly basis whether that means how much you saved the company money or how much money or deals you brought in as new business. You need to be your own advocate when it comes to singing your praises. Don’t wait for your exit interview to tell them how valuable you are.

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