Shop Me, Don’t Drop Me, What it will take to land your next job …

For those of you lucky enough to have a job, don’t think you are necessarily off the hook!  For those of you lucky enough to be exploring new job opportunities, now is your chance to shine! Whether you are shopping for a new gig or are being shopped, you should not wait until the day of your interview to figure out what it will take to put your most original self forward and land your next job.

Before you start pounding the internet job boards, searching and sending your resume to the virtual world of recruiters, you should take some time to figure out the current job market, explore new areas of interest and opportunity and craft some really insightful questions to help you navigate your way through your first interview. Being prepared doesn’t always mean having a neatly printed copy of your resume in hand and a new outfit to wear to your first interview. There are many ways you need to stand out if you are lucky enough to get called in for an interview out of the thousand of candidate applications, so here are a few things to keep in mind and to keep prepared as you venture forth.

First, the number one quality that will help “sell” you to a prospective employer is your ability to “sell” yourself!  Too often, candidates are led by the interviewer and they really don’t understand how to take control of the interview process in a way that works in sync with the interviewer’s questions and in the meantime, helps promote and sell you and your accomplishments.  This is no time to hold back! The more you promote your accomplishments, boast your qualifications and present a confident, relaxed demeanor, the stronger chance you will have to land more than a second interview, but maybe an actual job offer!  

Another way to stand out and ensure that you get more than a successful interview is it to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of not only the job you are applying for, but also about the company as a whole.  Many times people just “wing it” going in and expecting the interviewer to take the lead and hoping all they have to do is make a good impression.  Too often, “dumb luck” is not the best approach in making a lasting impression and you really have to work the relationship and learn to sell yourself.  Make sure you do your research so you appear knowledgeable, and use the information you’ve learned to ask intelligent questions that will make the interviewer know you did your homework. Coming prepared with 3 to 5 questions not only about the what is expected in the position, but also about the company culture, environment and overall stability will be enough to impress the interviewer and ensure a second interview.

Finally, don’t take your network for granted.  Find out who you know and who your friends know in the company BEFORE you go in for the first interview.  So many times a polite mention of someone’s name, particularly if the person is tenured with the company and well thought of goes a long way in securing your reputation and your ability to show you are in the know.  Your network is your most valuable tool and you should not be shy, afraid or awkward about letting people know you are interviewing at a company and asking for their help.

So before you are dropped from consideration, learn to shop yourself in a way that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd and show your creative and original character!  Impress yourself and your audience too and land your next job!

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