Are You Recession Proof?

We sure know the country isn’t!  But the real question is, are you?  What does it mean for someone to be recession proof?  In order for someone to be recession proof they need to incorporate the following three traits: 1) flexibility; 2) innovation and, 3) resilience.   It’s actually much easier for individuals to become recession proof than it is for companies, businesses, government and large institutions.  If we train ourselves to be recession proof then maybe we can pass that wisdom onto Corporate America.  How many companies are able to scale up or down based on how well the market is doing?  Not many, and mitigated risks include a high body count and increased vulnerability to the competition.  You on the other hand, can flex effortlessly, make changes as you need and move along with the tide of change at a fluid pace.  Flexibility allows you to be free to change at a moments notice. You are free to explore opportunities and make moves as necessary.  It is up to you whether you are open and willing to change and “go with the flow” as they say.  To be agile is to open yourself to limitless possibilities and express your true nature, to seize the opportunities one milestone at a time.

Now is the time to shine!  Innovation, imagination, creativity are all areas that you can use and exploit during down turns in the market.  Most people and companies, hide, hunker down, become frugal and fearful of the change and any impending loss they feel they will ultimately fall victim to.  Not so.  If you keep the spark of innovation alive and truly stretch your mind and your perspective, you can make the most of this time and come out the other side a winner and a champion!  Being recession proof means to explore your possibilities, venture out into the unknown and allow your imagination to create your reality and be ready to write your own success story. This is the time to create, be resourceful and know when you should change course if needed to get to your desired results.  

The biggest challenge and opportunity to succeed and prove you are recession proof is in your ability to remain resilient.  Things will get worse before they get better, you may need to make concessions you were not prepared to make, change course many more times than you were willing to do, but you are in charge.  Maintaining your resilience and strength of character will help propel you through difficult terrain.  Keeping your eye on the prize will keep you motivated in pursuit of your perfect career, house, partner or whatever you have set as your goal.

So, next time you are asked whether you are recession proof, how do you think you’ll answer? Are you willing to do what it takes to succeed despite all obstacles or, like many big companies, are you ready to lay yourself off and hide it out until this all blows over?  The choice is, and always will be yours. To truly become “recession proof” and put your fear behind you, all you need is to take control of your life any way you desire and always remember to enjoy the ride!

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