R.I.P. Mourning Your Career

When is it time to mourn the death of your career?  You’ve been dragging around your tired job like a mourner wears a black arm band only to realize it’s time to mourn the loss and move on.  You can’t keep wishing it wasn’t so.  Living in a state of denial about the death of your career is not going to help you move forward and join the ranks of the gainfully living and employed.

Before you turn into a cast member “The Walking Dead” know that you can manage the loss of your career and let it RIP.

“R” – Reflection:  Remembering what you first loved about your job and feeling the joy you felt honors not only who you are but what you hope to gain from your next job.  Spending time with the memories helps you replace what was once lost to you and lets you rebuild a dream job for the future.  You have to live with the pain of the loss and honor those feelings.  Using your ability to recall the past helps you to frame the future by eliminating what was not working from what you truly love.

“I” – Introspection: Now it’s time to think about you and what you want.  Remembering the past doesn’t mean you have to live there.  Finding out who you are and what you want helps you know what works for you.  Thinking about a work environment you love, or the values that drive you helps you to project a winning attitude that will land you your next job.  Taking time for you during the mourning process is not selfish but essential as you help to build the foundation for a new career.

“P” – Projection:  Once you have paid respect to the past and have begun to think about the future it’s time to lean into action and get up and pave the way for a bright future.  Taking action is easy once you know what you want.  Creating a plan towards realizing your goals makes the future bright and clear and gives you hope and joy when you know you have something wonderful to look forward to.  Projection allows you to move forward with confidence because you are clear and focused and have taken all that you’ve learned from the past and are putting it to work for you to find the next great career.

When your career has come to the end of its life don’t hold onto it hoping you can beat it back to life.  Know that it’s okay to let go no matter how hard that may seem for you. Releasing the past is necessary so that you can embrace the new future that awaits you.  Honoring all the good you learned in your current job, including the great people you met allows you to lean on that as inspiration so you know what you want from your next job.  Coming to the end of one road means you are stepping forward into a new one.  Walk steady and sure knowing you are heading in the right direction.

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