Jump! Go Ahead, Jump!

It might not be that easy! Jumping, moving, changing are all actions that require you to either think or leap before you move.  Taking a different route in where you want to go in life and in job takes certain courage more than it takes foresight.  Sometimes you think any road looks better than the one you are on.  Knowing you have choices in how you get there might help lessen the burden of thinking you’ve got to decide fast in order to get back on track.  Not so.  There are many roads that lead to your goal.  Choosing one that’s right for you are part of the process and it’s not so much about racing to the get there, it’s just important you eventually get there.

Looking over your shoulder and comparing your career progress with your colleagues, whether you are employed or still struggling to find yourself, takes you further away from your goal and from discovering your “true North.”  Sure someone may drive a fancy car, have tons of money in the bank but that doesn’t make them any more happy or satisfied in their job than where you are now in your career.  You’ve got to do what is right for you no matter how odd the choices in front you of may appear.

Jumping, leaping, catapulting forward means you are not afraid to move and take a risk even when you may not have all the available data in front of you required to make an “informed” decision. New ideas, people, circumstances and options present themselves to you every day, and sometimes you need to seize one and run with it and see where it leads you.  Spending time analyzing and worrying about your options is not going to help you move towards your career goals any more or less successfully than your rich neighbor.

It’s ok to be afraid, everyone is. Unemployment tops 12% in California in July and the rest of the country isn’t fairing any better.  Markets are erratic and one minute you are getting calls for interviews and meetings are being set up and then the next minute, it seems like everyone has disappeared.  That’s when it’s time to “jump!”  Get out of the worrying and get into the wandering.  Start exploring your options, opportunities and make a path for yourself even if you think one already exits and it might be safer to stay on the course you are already on.

We are on a crazy career ride and it’s not going to stop spinning anytime soon.  Making sure you are protected and you take care of yourself is your number one priority and obligation in this process.  There are many ways you can go about doing this and you may even get stuck along the way trying.  Pushing yourself opens up new career options for you and breaks the inertia you may be feeling.  It’s good to take the proverbial “leap of faith” on occasion- especially of you are leaping for yourself.

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