Don’t Move, Improve!

You may make the mistake of thinking that the only way to change your circumstances is to make a clean break.  Sometimes that strategy helps, other times it can be seen as an over-reaction in your attempt to shake things up.  When you are in doubt about your circumstances, whether you should stay or whether you should go, or think about moving to a new job, stop, and ask, “Could I improve my situation instead?”

You may think jumping ship is the only way out of your dead-end job.  That may be the case but how much time to you spend considering all of the options available to you right here, right now?  Sure, things are chaotic, the company lacks a vision and there is no long-term strategy present and the management team is a bunch of over-paid, uptight, miserable bunch you wouldn’t want to share a ride with let alone work alongside. You wonder how you took the job in the first place and constantly consider how you could possibly stay in the job any longer.  Your options are definitely opening up but you a fearful that you will make the same mistake and jump into a new job with the same old problems.

When you lose sight of yourself and lack the confidence and trust that it takes to change, not just your work environment but you, take a beat and start to think of ways you can adjust the long view and stop looking over your shoulder for doom and gloom to follow you. Understanding what you bring to the table and how your perception of things can greatly improve or destroy your current situation, makes you aware that you can improve things without necessarily having to take bold action.  Sometimes a simple adjustment of your perception towards things helps you know that you are in control of your work circumstances and don’t have to leap as if the building were on fire.

Becoming introspective and knowing that you can master any change to help you manage your circumstances is empowering.  You don’t have to play leapfrog to get ahead or get out of your own way.  Sometimes, just acknowledging that things are the way they are and it’s all temporary is enough to help you muddle through the boring meetings and office politics that seem to make up your life. Having the confidence to know that it’s not all about you and that rest assured your co-workers are probably feeling the same fear and anxiety should make you feel better about your situation enough to look at ways of improving your work life instead of running from it.

By improving your outlook you can choose to spend your time thinking of ways to better your situation as opposed to complaining about it.  Panic only leads to more panic.  Making a change when you are reacting to your situation never ends well for you or your future.  Finding the chops to stick it out, learn to adapt and adjust to the changes puts you in a better position to ultimately leave under your terms alone. No one likes to feel like they are being forced out of a job just because things change. Knowing you have the ability to improve your situation and take control of the outcome should be enough to get the “fight or flight” out of you so you can improve and not just move.

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