Job Fluster

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices that may be placed in front of you.  Not knowing which one is best.  Always second guessing yourself.  Hoping someone will make the choice for you.  It’s no different when the choice has to do with your career.  Graduating school at the top of your class but you’ve got nowhere to go?  In your current job for more than your fair share without a shot for a promotion or advancement?  If you can relate to any of this then you are surely experience a case of “job fluster.”

When you are bombarded with choices about your career staying clear and focused can become a challenge.  Even if you know where you’d like to go, getting there can make you dizzy with options you may not ever thought you’d be faced with having to make.  Job fluster feels like the world of career is flying all around you and you have to catch something quick before it disappears. Feeling the pressure from your friends and family about your choices won’t help you remain calm and your own self-imposed pressure can make matters even worse.

You are the master of your own career destiny and it’s time you take control of it in a way that helps you ultimately get what you want. It might seem easier said than done but here are a few tips that may just help free you from your job fluster:

  1. Make a list:  It doesn’t just work for Santa Claus but it can actually help you stay clear on your mission.  Listing out the jobs you want and the companies you’d like to work for narrows your options and gives you a sense of direction.  It also helps you stay on top of what’s going on in those companies and be ready to move when you see a job opening.
  2. Do research:  Staying on top of what’s happening in and around your industry and your profession may seem like homework but it may inspire you to look at your career options in a new way.  Learning about what’s new and innovative in your field helps you to think outside the box and find new avenues to explore that may not have been readily present to you.
  3. Talk to colleagues:  It’s one thing to use your network to dish the dirt about what’s working or not with your career, it’s another to strategically develop a “career” sounding board of trusted advisors who can help steer you in the right direction when you begin to veer of course.
  4. Take action:  Talking, reading and writing is one thing but if you NEVER put your plans into action you’ll be stuck in job fluster for a long time.
  5. Reward your efforts:  It takes a lot of work to stay focused and not taking the time to acknowledge your efforts and your accomplishments no matter how small, will set you back and not give you the drive or incentive to move ahead.

You’ve got what it takes to get what you want out of your career.  Staying focused and disciplined in your thinking and in your actions will make the road a lot easier for you and you will get ahead much faster with a little help from yourself.

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