It’s Your Career, Get On With It …

When procrastination gets in the way of moving your career forward, you can either sit and let the stomach worms squiggle around inside or actually, get up and get on with finding out what’s holding you back. It’s never easy to make change when it’s something you started or was forced upon you.  Change is as we all know, tough on those who stubbornly fight against it or easy for those who move with the flow.  If you are holding onto something that no longer works for you in fear of the unknown, then procrastination has gotten the better of you.

Kicking the rocks out of the road may take more strength than you have at this point, but just staring at the rocks in your way is not going to help you along any faster. Procrastination is like waiting for paint to dry, you don’t have to stare at it to know it will dry on its own without your assistance. Finding excuses not to move forward in life is as easy as making sure you are not the first one in line for the free give away. Distractions have a way of finding you no matter where you are when you are looking for any reason not to deal with your career.  Somehow even going to the dentist takes top priority over getting out there and making the connections you need to find your next opportunity.

Is it fear of rejection that keeps you in lock & chains?  Is it fear of failing at something you have not even tried? What if you actually got the job you were after then what? Afraid to live up the expectations of greatness you know you have within you?  Your career search takes courage often uncovered in a therapists office not an interview room. Finding out what makes you passionate about your career from what may inhibit you takes insight and more, well, it takes balls.

It’s easy to get stuck, but it’s even harder to stay stuck when you’ve got opportunity staring at you from every angle. “You are the only one standing in your way”-how many times have you heard that expression?  So what do you do about it?  Run, hide or step up and take it on!  Procrastination is good when you have to do the laundry, pay the bills or change the bed sheets-it doesn’t work when you are looking for your next career adventure.  Opportunities move quickly, doors are flying open and closed at a crazy pace thanks to technology and new media.  For every one job there are tens of thousands of qualified people out there. You can’t afford to sit around and wait to “find yourself.”

Whether you believe it or not the job market is moving fast!  This is not the time or the place to procrastinate!  If you have the luxury of time and money then go ahead and watch paint dry.  But if you are really looking to make a change in your career, you have no one to count on to do that but yourself.  Find the courage, patience and initiative to go out there and yes, get on with it so you can afford the luxury of one day sitting around and watch the lovely shade of green paint dry on your new castle wall.

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