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Knowing when to make a left when you are going right, or to turn when the road seems to bend out of nowhere enables you to right the course of change when you come to a career crossroad in your search for the perfect job. Given the experience of sudden turns, bumps, changes in the terrain helps you to focus on staying the course even if you are not always sure where you are headed. It’s not as important to always have a clear vision of where your career is headed.  It is important however to manage the obstacles, challenges, opportunities and gifts you come to find along the way.

Your career success happens not only by arriving at your destination but by the choices you make along the way.  Having a road map is great, but hey, it didn’t help Columbus discover the new world any easier when he was told he might fall over the edge of it if he travelled too far.  Following your instincts, intuition and your own internal compass can help you navigate when you are not sure where the road will lead.  You may have stayed in your current job too long, or, you may be starting over or just starting out, where ever your starting point staying focused on your final destination will take you faster than any guide post sign you find in the road along the way.

Sometimes you feel inclined to take the advice of others you trust or who you feel have your best interest at heart.  Taking advice, like following the guide posts are good to a point, but if you are not sure where you are ultimately headed, you could be walking around in circles trying to find yourself and your next job longer than you would expect. Knowing when to take the advice of others is important but not as important as following your own advice and gut feeling when in comes to knowing what you want out of your career. Being able to balance all perspectives, information and guidance you receive along the road will help you to know if you are on the right path, or just lost looking for direction.

Having a sense of timing on your career and pacing yourself towards reaching your goals can help you along the way when you think you should have “made it” by now and are still finding your way.  Your sense of purpose is your guide and it’s miraculous how the road opens up to you when you think you have reached the end of it or become lost and can’t find your way.  Having a plan of purpose act as your guide will help you reach your career goal faster than anyone helping you point it out for you.

Next time you think you are confused, afraid or just lost in finding your next career opportunity, reflect on all the choices you have made and the outcomes of those choices. You may find that your experience has been your guide and whether you intended it or not, it’s you who will help you find your way back to the road if you become lost. Chances are you know the way better than you think. Don’t be afraid to turn left when you come to a crossroads in your career, it’s the unexpected that sometimes holds the most wonderful surprise-ask Columbus.

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