Is Your Career Tangled?

Like Rapunzel in the ivory tower throwing down her long braid in hopes of a rescue, does your career feel like you need more than a prince on a white horse to help you out?  Having a job these days has become more than a blessing given the alternative.  But do you somehow feel that you are sacrificing more than you think?  Feeling trapped in your situation even though you are collecting a paycheck is not any better than not having a job-you’re tangled by your circumstances no matter which side of the braid you are holding.

Giving in or giving up with your career is not uncommon despite the fact that you may be in an enviable position compared to those who are still looking for a job.  The fact that you are gainfully employed does not guarantee your happiness no matter how big the paycheck is.  Sometimes, we are trapped by our situation thinking we can’t make a change because the title, pay, benefits, corner office is too comfortable a thing to give up.  Knowing that you have options even when you have the benefit of a steady paycheck should be enough to give you hope even when you are not feeling so optimistic.  Spending some time, soul-searching what your ideal career means to you is not a waste of time or energy when you feel you are at a crossroads.

So many of us get distracted with the subtle nuances that become the fabric you weave when it comes to your job. Lost in the moment, or many moments, you forget to look at how you got there and if the where is really where you want to be.  Looking for a way out of your tangled career because you worry about your income, professional status and the alternatives in your quest for a perfect match.  It’s not like being trapped in a tower is going to keep you safe from yourself or others.  It will provide the necessary creature comforts as you yearn for more.  Deciding whether it’s time to throw down your braid, anticipating the sense of freedom you desire as you wait for someone to rescue you, or to remain patient, embracing your captivity.

Just because you are working doesn’t mean you should settle with a career that doesn’t quite live up to your initial dream.  Getting back to basics and spending time understanding what you like from what you don’t like about your current situation will provide you with a road map where you can begin to plan your escape.  Becoming a prisoner of your own design is not going to make you happy in the long run.  Being authentic, honest, truthful and above all respectful with yourself will.  Knowing when it’s time to throw out a signal for help will prepare you for your inevitable escape.  Your freedom is in your own hands, and realizing you are the prisoner of your own career destiny may just help set you free.  Next time you feel tangled by your career, it’s okay to ask for help, hey if it works for a princess in a tower, it could work for you.

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