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imagesThe famous Garland Rice quote never held more meaning post election than, “It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game,” that counts. Despite which side of the party politics you find yourself on this week, one lesson can be learned from this election process, and that is how to win. Playing the winning game when it comes to looking for a job, or angling for a promotion or if you are considering a new career means you have choices to make in how you show up for the challenge. Whether you believe a winner is born or made doesn’t really matter, what matters is how badly you want something and all that you will you do to get it.

There has been a lot of bad behavior associated with the high-stakes game of winning. That does not mean you have to choose to act in a way that is not comfortable or natural to you. Believing in who you are and what you want is the most important thing when it comes to your chances of winning. That passion for what you want whether it’s a title change, a salary increase or an altogether new career means you have what it takes to fight the good fight no matter what obstacles lay in wait.

There are only two things that will assure you win the top prize of whatever it is you are after. That is, being clear and staying focused. When you are clear on your direction, your message and what you want to accomplish and can see the end game; nothing will deter you from going for the win. When you remain focused on the path towards success, keep the plan simple and stay true to what you believe in, you can’t help but make it across the finish line. Now whether you come in first, second or last does not mean you lost. The only goal you have is to cross the finish line and make it towards your intended goal.

If you don’t succeed, you have learned valuable lessons along the way that will help you to move forward in the future. You can wallow in your failure, call the job game “rigged” or feel like you are being discriminated against if you don’t ultimately get what you want. Again, it’s your choice on how you show up to play the game, and your reaction of the outcome. Having the chops to go after what you want may not be easy but you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t at least try.

Your job and your career choices are yours to win or to lose. How well you show up and engage with your audience, and are clear on what it is you want and remain focused, will determine if you come in first or in second place on the race to winning your new job.

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