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There comes a time in your life when what you’ve been doing for so long may not be working.  Whether that’s your commute to work, the routine you have when you get up in the morning or even how you drop your kids off to school. Change although scary for some, is a necessary course in how we steer our lives.  There is a sense of security in routine, repetitive actions that yield the same results. If it’s the same job you keep applying for, or the type of work you do, maybe there is a time when you need to go beyond your comfort zone and see what else awaits you? Give yourself permission to hit the reset button when things feel like a scene from the movie “Ground Hog’s Day” and see what life brings you.

When you walk, talk and work the same way, year after year flexed the same muscle so many times you may take your strength for granted.  You have over time, perfected the way you do things from the smallest of details to the creation of great things. The Universe they say has a way of making you change even if you are not ready for it.  People we love or hate come and go from our life, kids move out, relationships end and the road ahead seems unencumbered by people and situations that bound us to a routine. There is a liberating feeling when you can look at the world as your playground and you can go and do whatever you please. Yet, this seemingly unending freedom may be scary for those of you who crave routine, consistency and stability in our life.

Having the ability to hit the reset button on your life even when things are going in the same direction may allow you to make an abrupt change in the face of your daily routine.  In some cases, the reset button may be hit for you as an example of the people who lost their homes from Hurricane Sandy.  Your life change does not need to be that dramatic but you certainly might be in need of a make over. Knowing when it’s time to change course in your life and hit the reset button signals that you are taking control of your life and your career in a positive way. Just like the proverbial “Spring Cleaning” it’s time to get rid of what no longer works in your life by taking inventory of all that you have and all that you want and simply be willing to adjust.

When you find that you are repeating the same patterns with people and places in your life you need to look at what you are learning from your experiences and if you are growing in the direction you want.  If you find that you are stuck and you are not moving up in your career or in your life than it’s time to move along.  You know when something although comfortable feels and looks the same.  A fresh perspective is all you need to adopt in order to feel like your life is moving forward again.  Even if the world does not conspire against you, try hitting the reset button in a few areas of your life and see where the road leads and you may be presently surprised.

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